Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Burnt skin , sandwiched in towering limestone cliffs. . still smiling??? ftw?

What's not to smile about? With the gifts of nature abound the Calamianes_couldn't help but to take another shot of  Coron, tags as the last frontier of my country.

It's easy to capture beautiful photos when you are in Coron. It's very scenic and everything is picture-perfect, even for amateurish me.

The towering rock formations are to die for.

Even girls couldn't resist and didn't mind taking the risk of climbing the rocks for a bit edgier photo ops. Can you spot me there?

Never! haha! I dared not be taken a photo side by side with those young body-perfect girls. .so I had mine solo! haha.insecure motherhen!

Another one of me on top of one of the limestone cliffs. Showing-off that at my age I could still climb that high barefooted. Another symptom of my growing insecurities as I age. haha.

I envy me_ there.
With the perfect beach weather we have this week, its' so hard to fight the idea of catching  flight to Busuanga ( from Manila it's only approximately 40 minutes or less) and indulge another nature bound weekend in Coron. What d'ya think?
If its gonna be your first Coron adventure, may the following posts serve you in one way or another.
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Some places : 

- to stay :  Coron Gateway Hotel Suites , Coron Hilltop View Resort, Busuanga Island ParadiseDarayonan, Coron Village Lodge, Mt. Tapyas Hotel , Balinsasayaw Resort , Princess of Coron Resort

- to see in Coron Town : Mount Tapyas , on top of Mt. Tapyas , Party Boat , Bird's Eyeview , Fresh Catch , Kuweba , Makinit Hot Spring

- to never miss : Banol Beach , Siete Picados , Kayangan tease, Kayangan Lake , Barracuda Lake , Twin Lagoon, Twin Peaks

- to enjoy food : Coron Village Bar and Resto , Bistro Coron , Coron Harvest , Sea Dive Restaurant , Coron Gateway Restaurant , Kawayanan Grill.

Be happy always!


  1. Oh Coron! The place I truly Love! I fell in Love there! :)

  2. Sarap bumalik sa Coron, Such a rich and beautiful place. I've been there last June. Great! Thanks.