Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm always fascinated with tribal arts and so my girls are too. Whenever I have my out of town trips, they only ask me to buy the same things to take home for them_ tribal accessories.

So I'm always on the look out for local shops where I could buy handcrafted necklaces, rings & earrings. The girls want theirs to be individually produced and not to have any twins.

Sometimes, I would get them right from the beach, market, park or a local specialty shop. In Coron, I saw this eye catching tribal shop right beside the hotel I was staying. It was named Kuweba (cave). Although the name didn't match the structure of the nipa hut store at all, it somehow gave off a mysterious air to the contents of the shop.

I've seen shops of this type around the country and usually the artists themselves are the ones managing the stores. Always, there would be tribal music being played live by the artists, accompanying your visit inside the shop which intensify the tribal atmosphere.

Everything was beautiful but I didn't buy a single item. The designs of the accessories were actually too strong for my girls' shorts and shirts outfits. I love the home decor items but didn't match my budget, not even close.
Nonetheless, I was able to buy my girls' accessories in another store in the town.

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