Friday, June 22, 2012

Forever Alone @ Universal Studios, SG

I rummaged (more) through daughter's album of our Singapore trip and found some interesting photos of  her visit of Universal Studios. I know, I had posted enough of this theme park, inch by inch  here, that I'm not sure now if Universal Studios would be thankful of me or would hate me for showing everything that others who had read my blogs (don't worry UStudios, I don't have remarkable numbers of followers yet, you're relatively safe :))) might not be interested anymore to come over cos they had seen it all already here. haha!

The weird thing was daughter was very excited to spend the day inside the park all by herself. She didn't at all entertain the idea of me going with her cos she knew me_ I don't enjoy theme park rides and that makes her my opposite. She loves all the thrills of riding challenging rides. She was particular to experience the Battlestar Gallactica's dueling roller coasters, which I had forbidden her not to and eventually didn't and had just took beautiful photos of them.

These two came from her lens. I thought these would compensate for my  failed photos  in my post of Sci-fi City.

So from here on_ it would be she, by herself, alone with nothing but her camera as a companion inside the Universal Studios. So proud of her:)) well, for one I haven't heard anybody enjoyed a theme park alone by herself. That's how weird my daughter is, haha.

This was daughter's most favorite ride_  the Transformers. Relatively new and wasn't operative yet during my visit in March 2011. Daughter had enjoyed it last April this year. She was bubbling about how thrilled she got over this 3D ride that she's so wishing to comeback to Singapore only to ride this again and again!

It's a good thing that she saw different set of mascots that day and was able to experience new rides that weren't there yet during my visits.

She was able to meet her real parents - Shrek & Fiona :))) Weren't around during my visit. She had to endure the long queue for the photo ops ofcourse.

Ogre's house. I also missed it cos Shrek wasn't around  then to remind me to pass by here.

Daughter Shrek-ed so much she even rode the Shrek ride which I think is actually a kiddie ride. haha.

She didn't miss the Shrek in 4D which I told her so as it was my favorite.

Now here_ daughter committed the same mistake I did! She did enter Donkey Live.Obviously she forgot  my reminder to her not to waste time there. tsk.tsk. haha. She felt the same as I did towards this show. Her
own captions of the picture in her album : " if ever napadpad kayo dito, lumabas kayo agad!! ". ( if you have set foot here, make sure to run out fast). haha.

At Madagascar which was also just coming soon by the time of my visit and was in full blown during hers.

Some street entertainments featuring vintage characters. ..

. . and entertainers from our land_ Pinoy pride!!!

she went around more munching some treats from this cart. .

and more junks from one of the food outlets there.

One of her "forever alone camwhore photos :)). She did have a great time with tons of photos which I have to cut here cos they are so many. she was one of the last guests to exit and when it was time to fetch her, had to extend some more than 30 minutes waiting for her outside.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fiesta 2012




Quezon !!!!

aww, i missed it again :(

see more of my beautiful hometown
 flourishing with eco-tourism potentials


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Monday, June 18, 2012

When the sun goes up. .

Sad.. summer is over. The recent typhoon Butchoy ( heard still around in the country today and tomorrow a new one is said to come :( ) says a lot about the onset of the season I hated most_ the wet ( reads as typhoon ) season.

The whole summer, we never missed our mornin' jog everyday, until the second week of June which cut my denial that sunny days were truly over. Can't do anymore roofless fitness. Means to settle down with  indoor activities such as cook + eat + eat = weight gain :( yaeeks.. hate it x100!!
You say, I can always go to the gym. Been there.done that. Failed cos when the rain fell, my feet were too cold to go to the gym to sweat.

One fateful day of the concluded summer2012, during our stay at Acasia Hotel Manila , husband and I woke-up the following morning early to workout in the hotel's gym.( this was at the height of our self-inflicted/personal fitness program that we didn't let any disruption got into our daily fitness routine), only to find out that the hotel's gym wasn't ready yet for the guest. Good thing the interested guests were sent free to Golds Gym (in Alabang) instead. So we hopped in the hotel car and were brought to the Golds Gym. The car left us and reminded us to just call the hotel to fetch us back. The gym's guard met us at the gate to announce that the gym was close that day ( I forgot what day it was..) cos it was some cleaning/maintenance day. wtf!
We didn't call the hotel for the car back, we decided to just jog around the area. But ofcourse I did confront the concierge when I got back, haha.

Anyway, what I'm trying to arrive at is how we discovered our latest jogging hub that summer. It was at the vicinity of Filinvest, Alabang. We saw that many people were already frequenting the area. But we don't always love crowds, so we walked furthermore. .

passing by some high-end residences and The Palms Country Club, at this point we're now free of the jogging crowds that seemed to mushroom at the previous part of the area.

Since then, we frequented the area the whole sunny mornings of this year's summer. It was a haven. We love that it was secluded, the air seemed fresh. .

with a beautiful landscape ever. .

beautiful not only to the eyes but for the legs too. There were hill-y parts that were quite challenging and therefore more benefiting to our fitness goal.

. . greens everywhere. How could you not start the day right with that freshness? In a city? It's a rarity.

We really miss our mornings there. Well, it's out of our control now. The weather has the say for the mean time. We'll be back when the sun goes up again, I guess.
This reminds me years back when the MOA (SM) was yet on the construction phase. It was still crowdless and we used to jog there then too. One day when we went back, the buildings were all up already and the crowds were hopelessly massive, that's the end of our mornings there.
I know the same thing is coming to this latest fave of ours, hope not that too soon thu'.
We want more morning runs there :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


To continue with the recent Singapore trip with daughter.. but first let me refresh you with our last stop => here. So from Little India, we went straight to China Town. Not via that tour bus photoed above.. ours was a DIY city tour cos I've been to Sg for a number of times so more than less_ I played as a co-tour guide to my first timer daughter, after my bff who's residing at Sg as an expat for decades now. Anyway, this was some part that expat bff wasn't around and I had to commute alone with daughter. No fear thu', knowing how safe to go around this secured city.

We took a train from Little India and alighted at Chinatown station which was so near from each other. There my daughter trying to camouflage, lol .

The following photos are stolen from my daughter's camera. Must say the way she saw the place and the images she took say a lot about herself too.
Teen daughter's perspective of Sg Chinatown :


daughter enjoys "tiangge"

she loves cheap hauls

always girly cutee

 manic about camera, but actually wants her next to be a Canon, she now has a Nikon.

loves owls and have lots of prints of them on shirts, bags and on her other stuffs. i won't be surprise if one day she would  take home a real one and have it as her first pet. she never had any. the other younger daughter is the animal lover.

I nudged her to see this museum which says a lot about the heritage of the old Singapore, she said no. I was able to see it on 2009. See here.

But when we walked by the Tintin Shop, she had to nudge me to make a full stop. .

Ask me not about the "aghast look", haha. Ask her, lol. Ofcourse, she bought nothing from the store. She thought the prices were very "un-chinatown", whatevah! haha.

This Chinatown walk didn't stop here. You can see some more here and here. Maybe later, I'll post more. A little food trip here.