Monday, October 11, 2010

The Party Boat w/o Party

Curiosity made me asked the staff of the hotel what's that lighted boat  all about? Found out that it was the Party Boat (an annex attraction of Corongateway Hotel, where we stayed) they had been telling us to visit ever since we checked-in.

We bought entrance tickets to the boat which each already included a starter drink of your choice from their menu. We reached the boat by riding a smaller boat. The Party Boat was parked in the middle of the sea.

The boat lost its sparkling appeal to me when we got there. Looked like just another fishing boat in my hometown . By the way,  I hailed from a small town in Quezon province which is a bit similar in structure as Coron Town. Also surrounded with mountains and ocean. So boat like this one is already homespun.

The saving grace was the top level of the boat. Windy and sooo relaxing up there.Best place to get drunk cos the floor was already matted, lots of pillows to catch you when you get drowsy.hahaha!

And the views of the quiet and half lighted town of Coron and the lighted cross of Mt. Tapyas were fantastic from the sea location of the boat.

The rest of the boat was not bad either,

We didn't stay long cos of our early island tour sched the following morning.

When we got back to the hotel,we were greeted by the on going fire dancing outside the building. We did watch a little and retired to our room,

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