Sunday, October 3, 2010

Banol Beach

Alas! After a series of floor/sand less (except for man made wood bridges and some rocks) islands visited, Banol Beach offered a  perfect white sand beach.

Felt so safe with the sand. Got something to confess here : I'm quite reluctant swimming on a deep floored lagoon or in a deep sea. I'm talking about gear less swimming (off diving gears) here. I'm always comfortable with sand in sight. Some floors my foot could touch when not on float.

The beach serves as the lunch spot of the whole Coron Island tour. It has nipa huts with tables for dining by the beach.

Our tour coordinator had packed some buffet lunch with fresh catches of the day seafood grilled by our boatmen at the shore. See our foods at my food blog later.

While the lunch was still being prepared, we took advantage of the pristine sea and swam a little on a highnoon not caring about burning our skin.

Not totally, there were shaded areas covered by huge rocks where you could enjoy swimming lessening the harmful sunburn.

 The Coron islands' trademark_ stunning rock formations continued to amaze me at Banol Beach. As if the perfect  fine white sand and cystal blue water weren't enough to keep my jaw ajar.

There was a pinch in the heart everytime we had to live a paradise-y island such as Banol Beach, the only consolation was I knew I would be seeing another paradise. Coron seemingly has endless list of islands to offer.

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