Tuesday, October 26, 2010

See Through

I imagine to go back to this paradise, declared as the "last frontier" of my country. . .

. . and enjoy the amazing seascape below on a transparent kayak !

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pinoy Tricycle 2

Aside from the natural wonders flourishing in my scenic/3rd world country, there's another thing that amuses me everytime I get to go out of town trips. Our Pinoy tricycle ( see part 1 here .).

This one is locally called traysibot (from the word - tricy-boat? just a wild guess) in Davao City. It's amusing how the prototype of a tricycle has been modified in many different ways. Each region has its own design and yes pet name for each.The only thing constant in our provinces is tricycle being the most common means of transportation if not the only one available.

I couldn't remember where I saw this one, but it was in Mindanao too. Not sure if outside Davao or a town in Maguindanao, but somewhere there. This is also a tricycle but has been modified into a 4-6 seater, like a small jeepney.

This one is roaming around Kidapawan City (Mindanao). Thanks for the background sign board, or else I wouldn't remember where. This taught me to shoot next to a street/location sign .

Korean tricycle? Maybe Korean- married owned. This type is seen on the streets of Coron Town. Quite similar to the ones in Kidapawan City (see prev. image)

I've noticed the special (Hawaiian inspired) polo shirts worn by the tricycle drivers in Coron . They were required to wear one for the town's tourism enhancement . Nice!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plaza San Luis

Let's indulge in a small historical city tour. Inside Intramuros, Manila, one of the interesting places to visit is Plaza San Luis Complex.

A feel of Spanish era conveyed right upon at the entrance of the complex with the guard in ensemble worn by a guardia civil during the said era.

Plaza San Luis is named after one of the old barrios of old Intramuros, this is a cultural-cum-commercial complex currently composed of five houses - Casa Manila, Casa Urdaneta, Casa Blanca, Los Hidalgos and El Hogar Filipino. You would find a museum, a restaurant , a cafe, a hotel, events venue, a souvenir shop inside this villa while being transported to an era of the Illustrado , the privileged class of the 19th century to early 20th century. Enjoy taking a peek of the lifestyle an Illustrado ruled from authentic replicas of the structures during the Spanish colonial era.

the hotel

the gift /souvenir shop - The Papier Tole. see here

And this pretty coutyard is actually part of Casa Manila. see here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Parrot Flower

Can you see a resembling  image out of this exotic flower?

Take a look some more . . amazing work of art. . of nature. . of God.

It is a flower and named as the Parrot Flower, I bet for obvious reason that it looks so much as such. The flower is from Thailand and a protected specie which is not allowed to be carried out from its origin.
Another beautiful miracle from our Creator.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Balinsasayaw Resort, Uson Island

Balinsasayaw Resort. For a while I got lost in the name of  this island resort that is opening soon before the year ends. Balinsasayaw is an exotic bird uniquely found in Palawan and has the ability to create its saliva into a nest. A kilo of its nest is priced from P20k to P200k or about $5,000. This nest is turned into an expensive, exotic soup dish which is very popular to the Chinese community.

Next, I got lost in the beauty of Balinsasayaw Resort. Outlined by the breathtaking sights of  marvelous islands, staying here would be a totally delightful experience. The resort would be a perfect jump-start to the rest of the Calamianes Group of Island which most of them are just across from the Uson Island where this resort is located.

Most of the cottages are strategically located at the uppermost parts of the island to fortify good viewing of the phenomenal islands around.

 The structure of the island resort easily reminded me of Balicasag Island in Bohol. Only, I haven't had the chance to check if the beachfront waters are snorkel paradise too like what Balicasag is famous for.
I would be glad to accept an invite to the opening of this potentially paradise resort when they officially open. Hello owners of Balinsasayaw Resort ! ! !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lumadnong Tambal

I found out that Eden Nature Park, Davao was not only all about beautiful gardens of exotic flowers, fruit bearing trees, plants that can be harvested as ingredients of fresh garden salad_

The park had also a herbal medicinal garden. Seen were actual herbal plants with general knowledge pertaining to the use of a certain plant. Said that our baylan (the Filipino tribal doctors then) forefathers of century ago had been using those but was branded by the Spaniards as works of devil and sought to eradicate the source which resulted to the lost of the records of the plants.

yahong-yahong - leaves, for respiratory tract infection

makahiya- leaves, for mumps

kataka-taka- leaves, for toothache

pandan- leaves and stem, for urinary difficulties

busikad- leaves, for chicken pox

alugbati-leaves, among many other uses, for laxative

Funny, these plants are not even shall we say exotic or rare. Most of them are in our neighborhood/ backyards sitting as stray grasses or unwanted grasses.
Well, God created everything in this Earth for a reason, right? How about you, have you found your purpose of living or still searching?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Beauty

While I adhere discovering totally unfamiliar places, husband is the opposite who hates something new. So when he asked where? I simply answered_ just drive babe. Until we reached a fork road along Tagaytay Ridge, hubby was clueless of our weekend destination.
We stopped right at this signage-less, unassuming gate and walked the seemingly uninhabited flourishing garden path.

I made a reservation the day before and got confirmed only the morning of our first day. Our first time at the overrated Moon Garden.

So after a long walk under arch tunnels, we reached the center of the garden. Just one swiftly gazed around the place and I thought I've seen everything.

main dining hall

another dining hall

floating gazebo

another floating gazebo

My snooty self  said - not bad, pretty yes but not p.y.t. as in preeeeety!!! We were escorted to our casita, click here to see. Took some rest inside and went out for dinner later.

It was on our early breakfast  the following morning ( see our bf's here , here and here ) at the garden when we started to truly inhale the detailed beauty of Moon Garden. Art and nature mode was sensitized by the animated garden.

Well, I was kindah' fell short of words there. . .I thought it was just right to let the photos spoke for themselves.
If you want to see more of inanimate objects that animated the garden, pay me a visit again later.