Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pinoy Tricycle

Next to Philippine jeepney, tricycle is the most popular road transportation in the Philippines.

Tricycle is a motorcycle with a passenger sidecar attached to it. Legally, it could carry at a max of 4 passengers, yet Filipino's innovation didn't stop at the invention of this vehicle. It continues to find ways how to maximize the numbers of passengers. It loads as many as the spaces of a tricycle allows, sometimes the roof is also loaded with two to three passengers in more rural areas.

Different provinces have their own designs/versions of tricycle. In Aklan, I saw versions with added passenger seats at the back of the sidecar body.


It's the most common if not the only means of road transportation in most rural areas in the country. Otherwise this vehicle can also be seen outside the main roads of the cities and in the roads of suburban villages.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pamulaklakin Forest Trail

Subic is becoming a popular destination for adventure getaways. We're not talking about theme parks here but the authenticity of the places to experience are quite a number. You can see here , here, here, here and here , some of the most interesting adventures Subic is offering for the brave of hearts.

For the nature lovers, there are eco-tourism tours which offer jungle trail walks. One of these is the Pamulaklakin Forest Trail .

The trail gives you a real rainforest walk experience. A quick hike for two hours which also could be lesser, minus the photo stops and snack/lunch breaks.

An authentic Aeta native guides the trail. One of the highlights of the trail is a crash course in jungle survival which includes making a fire using bamboo sticks and using bamboo in place of cooking and eating utensils.

Abound by beautiful hues and nature of a rainforest, the trail was truly enjoyed by my girls' curious eyes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

J. P. Resort

Can't believe it_ we're almost at the last lap of June and the heat is still exhausting. Despite of sudden rains every other day, the weather remains to be as hot as the recent summer nights. This particular month of June here in our country is definitely strange. Usually, on a third week like this , Filipinos are already counting series of floods, heavy rains, even typhoon. Not that I'm complaining ! Hello, better dry this way than wet season with super typhoon like last year's monster Ondoy ! God forbid!

So when my bff Icor called up for an impromptu weekend getaway to their family owned resort in Laguna, without hesitation I said yes!

When I said Icor, I meant to mention the Macalintal clan. Members are close friends since birth as we grew up practically together having houses across the street from each other. My girls are now good friends with their kids and our husbands are cockfight mates (only in P.I.)

It's not unusual to join a convoy of 5 cars when we go out with them.


The resort is called J. P. Resort. Named after the initials of my friend's parents. Location is such a winner in proximity. It's in Calamba , Laguna where beautiful hot spring resorts are nestling.

Ofcourse, not our first time here. But actually it's the first time after summer season the resort became available for the family. It's by the way a private resort for rent and quite popular now to those hot springers regulars.

One thing that sets J.P.'s apart from hundreds of others, is first of all it's a three storey.


Beautiful sceneries of Laguna de Bay and Mount Makiling come easy and free from the uppermost floor of the resort.

A nipa hut on top is waiting for close chitchats with the members of the family/group while enjoying a bbque party and sight seeing on the side.

Going down to the next level, play area can be found. Your choice_ billiard, mahjong, dart or any table games you bring along with you.

Otherwise, the party peps can enjoy the videoke while drinking your fave bar drinks.

On the same floor, at the left wing, facing the sun, the rooms are waiting for those who seek total rest. Sleep.Sleep. Each room has queen-sized bed, a pull out and a double deck bed. Each has also a private shower room.

The icing of the cake is not on top but can be found at the ground floor_ the swimming pool. A hot spring sure to relieve aches of the body and the heart.

Lil' ones could enjoy the kiddie slides and the shallow pool especially intended for those kiddos.

For the sporty ones who can't get enough of basketball even while swimming, there's a ring and a ball awaiting to give you fun in the pool

Interested ? Click this for contacts and details of the place.