Monday, August 31, 2009

Mayon Followed Me Around

Mayon Volcano is so vast, you would never miss it around Legaspi. My child brain would play with thoughts of this giant volcano following me wherever I went around this city, because everywhere I turned_ she was there!

Sometimes it would be just her upper part. The rest of her would be covered by beautiful green fields, buildings or simply hiding behind the clouds.

But when she showed up..

She was always pretty as she really is. It 's really hard thu' to capture her wholeness from a moving vehicle. Actually, I was here on the way up to Lingnon Hills which as I was told, the best place to savor Mt. Mayon. It's a hill facing the majestic volcano.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mayon's Peak

The last time that I was in Legazpi, Albay , my cam had cramps and I wasn't able to get photo souvenirs of the beautiful volcano.

With that deprived experience, when I saw the peak of Mt. Mayon peeped in the clouds, I felt a wave of seeing it for the first time!

Then it occurred to me, just a month ago (July2009), I read from the news that Mt. Mayon was in alert 2 and the nearby residents were advised to evacuate.

Uncanny thoughts were playing in my mind_ since the tip of the volcano, which I assumed was its mouth where the smoke was coming out, was very visible from my window seat...

... if in anyway, at that very moment, it exploded!..would the lava reached my plane? hahaha! Just plain plane weird thoughts!

..then I saw Mayon rising up beautifully, floating on the sky.Well, living to its name_Mayon roots from the word magayon which means beautiful.

As the clouds thinned out, I lost a view of the volcano. Filled in by the sight of green rocky hills

Immediately interspersed by green plains. Now, this reminded me of my daughter's school homework regarding "land forms".

If only she was with me right now, I could easily pointed to her, in actual vision of volcano, hills and plains. well, photos would do I guess..

The perfect Mayon was coming back in sight_ bigger..

... more perfectly..

.. still a perfect cone to me..

.. getting closer..

... just arrived!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Century houses lining- up either side of the street. Bricked road with an exhalation of compressed air. I'm just waiting for Jose Rizal escorting Maria Clara with umbrella in baro't saya
to walk in this picture. Wouldn't you?

Welcome to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. No more Joses and Maria Claras, but the historical houses stay. The spirits linger..

I saw a bunch of Jose's_as local tourists, shopping for something to take home for their loved ones back home where memories of the past no longer visible as they are here in Vigan.

.. another Jose seeking for Maria Clara? naaaw!! Jose tired of the long hours walking tour of the city. haay.. boys will always be boys!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bangui's Wind Turbines

Being from the south of the Philippines, the north to me is quite far and therefore the least that I've visited. I could only cite one north destination that I frequent and that is Baguio. If not for this summer capital city I would be totally blank about the North. Since going up to Baguio entails a seven hour drive and passing a number of towns in the north, this somehow familiarizes me, however limited, in one way or another.

One of the places in the North which is offshore to me is the Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte. Since Ilocos is not "on the way to Baguio" the way Pampanga, Pangasinan,Olongapo and some Bulacans are, the idea of visiting the place is an effort to the max.
I haven't been there yet myself, but atleast husband been there. That means it would only be a matter of time and I'm sure I'll get there with him and the kids.
So for now, let me share his photos of the place.

Marvelous wind turbines, so much revealed as the land marks of the place.

Overwhelming size  of the wind turbines.

... a wheel, is like as big as olympic size swimming pool.

View  from the road going down the beach.

Well, that's all for now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ascott, Makati : Pool Side

During rainy school days season, which very much includes the "now-a-days", our itchy feet have no choice but to stay put within reach of our home. Limit by two factors_ kids' school commitments and the giddy weather similar to a woman's mood swings that are so hard to predict.

Limited_yess!.. but not prevented, hehe!

We expanded our mall turf up to the 6th floor of Glorrieta 4. Ofcourse, not for shopping,but for the kids to enjoy a weekend swim.

Ascott,Makati nestled at Glorrieta 4. It was known as Oakwood before and for whatever reason , it is now Ascott, Makati.
Last summer,we spent almost everyday of the month of March here for the kids' swimming lessons, which some of the photos mixed here.
One should be either a member or a resident/guest to be able to fend off costly facility fee here.
Luckily, my cuzin'  is an active member with amenities happily extended to us.

Although the pool area is surrounded by tall buildings, the wind blows like it does in an open sea  resort. It is still an open sky anyway.

It is a cold pool with no heater. The kids took it as a challenge to combat the coldness of the water on their initial dips.

At anyrate, an outdoor jacuzzi is waiting as an option for those who couldn't stand the ice pool water.

A cabana is serving spa by the pool side.

After swimming, the kids like to linger at the looby cos of the free wifi.

The gym, although not as spacious as the club I'm frequenting, is nevertheless equipped with machines and nice too.

The view from the six floor.

The entrance lobby is tiny right beside the entrance of Glorrieta mall.