Sunday, September 6, 2009

Albay Park & Wildlife

Just right beside the entrance gate of Lingnon Hill Nature Park is another park_ the Albay Park and Wildlife. A zoo for animal lovers. My youngest Kyla will surely get hype when she see this place. She truly hearts animals and a zoo is her favorite place to visit.

Fresh, clean and green_ what else could an animal asks for?..

..but be not in a cage ( however nice the environment is..)..

... but my dear big snake, remember you are in a zoo. At least it's very well maintained.. fair enough?

Little monkey seems not complaining, albeit the cage not making him so happy.. it's a lot comfortable though, than the cages I saw in Manila Zoo.

Extensive bird species are on the show in this zoo ( see more of the birds in the next post).

Ostrich got bigger space

Camel happy with his home

A goat with foreign blood, he doesn't look like any of our native goats

This one_ help me to recognize, looks like a coati to me, what d'ya think?

Ducks enjoy a swim

Reptiles sleeping

It is after all a fauna and flora paradise

- Family park for picnics and playground for the kids

Another park inside the big park

All of those for a very minimal entrance fee! Only at Legazpi City, Albay.

Will be back next summer vacation with my kids!


  1. I went there with my kids last June 2010. I don't really think that the park is well kept. The Philippine Eagle was kept in a cage so small that it cannot possibly fly. It was just perched on a tree branch. It was a sad sight. The ostriches were losing their feathers. The sheep had shed its wool because it was kept in a place so dry that it looked as if it was living in a dessert. The camels were bald. I think this park would be a success if proper care were given to the animals.

  2. >Deejmd

    ..oh that's sad. haven't been there again since my first visit. the park was okey then during my visit.
    my heart goes to the animals. based on your more recent visit, seems like the zoo is not being given proper management.reminds me of what's happening to the Manila Zoo.