Saturday, July 28, 2012

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

This was taken a year ago. At a Buddhist temple in Singapore which for a time I couldn't  locate which. This one is just a reminiscent of the whole album I took of the place. Lost now in my hurricaned cyber files. Again I reminded myself to not forget to take photos of marker of the place if only to help me name it later ( like even years later when I feel like I already want to do a post about  it, haha ).

Until my visit again to Sg with my daughter last April this year and we set foot again around Chinatown.

This time I was able to take a photo of the marker of the place. See. . :))))

So now I know. This maroon red temple is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Befitting the metropolitan Singapore, "old" is definitely not a word to describe the temple. I've actually seen quite a number of temples around Asia, including in my own country, and usually their existence aren't lower than a decade at least. But this is in Singapore, everything seems to have been built " just yesterday ".

I'm always fascinated with the details of a temple's gate, or of our churches' doors. There would always be interesting characters.

We failed to get inside the temple. We were worried that our clothes that day (shorts and sleeveless tops) weren't appropriate to enter one. We just took photos from the outside. I was considering the photos I had taken a year ago with my brother. But when I got home, I couldn't find them anymore.

I also knew, I would be stopped when I would be seen taking photos of the Buddhas inside so I just took from the outside with inappropriate lens. Those Buddhas were so beautiful but this shot is a failure.

I'm not a religious person but a very prayerful one. I breath with prayers everyday. I pray for peace of mind, good health, safety, balance, positiveness, but always I pray to give back the glory to God for the flowing love I receive everyday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hits & Misses

I'd say the best things in life are free. And random. The sweetest experiences I had_ mostly came unannounced and happened unplanned. Talk about free spirited people like me, you wouldn't have to wonder.
Ofcourse, a coin has two sides. My randomness is not always a happy ending. My being a snappy traveler also  brought us some random misses, haha.

Okey, I'll share a very graphic example of my randomness. One after-a-rain-noon, we were on our way back to Manila from a short visit of my farfar away hometown. But before we even got out of the town, brother mentioned that we were about to pass by a barangay with a cave he recently visited. In fact he added it was just like 10-15 minutes away a little detour from the main road. My random bell rang so loud, I went ahead to persuade driver husband to entertain the detour, haha. To cut the long convincing scene _  we reached the rural outskirts and all we needed was to change our foot gears cos we would be doing a little hiking.

Not so fast my dear! My ever protected/conservative/opposite of my random- self husband had to make his bylaws speech first as usual. This time with my brother around, he was letting us go without him. He actually not so liking this kind of snappy trip and would only go with us to protect us.

Afterwhich we were ready, but wait.. brother had an issue_ he totally forgot how to get there! wt#@%#!!!
So now we had to look for a local guide. He then went to a house nearby and when he came back, he brought with him our guide___

Meet little Angelito :))) The boy volunteered or was it like he was sent by his mother to guide us to the cave. The boy swore he knew the cave so well it was one of his play areas in the neighborhood. Ahh, ok.

So we followed the little boy leads. He said that it was just very near from the main road where we started the hike. He was so right about the cave not so far. Only this young fellow forgot to warn us that it wasn't going to be as plain as the beginning.

It was not at all obvious in the photos above, but the trail was actually not made easy by the previous rain that day. It was muddy and slippery. Many times, we couldn't hold to anything but to thin twigs only which were not very helpful. I guess the situation limited brother (who was behind the lens) on taking photos of our trail. It wasn't only once that we nearly fell down the river below the hilly muddy road we were walking on. It's good husband never read my blogs. The secret is safe from his worries.

The boy was right, it wasn't that far. Really, just few minutes and difficult muddy trail from the mainroad. Brother was not convinced that it was the cave he was looking for.

The boy insisted that this was the one! Brother was sure_it was not!!

You decide who's right ! This was the cave the boy-guide said it was! haha.

To give you a better perspective of the size of the mouth of the cave_  how do you think I could fit in to enter thaT?? crawl !!! haha.

The boy swore it was a cave and people in their community went in to catch some___... now I forgot what! Not snake, I'm sure of that.

Brother was so sure it wasn't the one. The boy out of embarrassment  ran out of the woods and left us all by ourselves to trek back to the main road. wheeww!!

All ended well in laughter and well as usual as I say to my girls__ charge it to experience!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Movies Last June

bear with me..
my heart is heavy..
let's watch movies..
the kind husband & I don't usually watch but our girls love..

superheroes movies ;

So the past month of June became movie dates with my girls. The latest was Spiderman. For once we
went back to SM (Southmall) Cinema, only because I thought the renovations had reached the theaters too. Maybe the other theaters there, but we went not in a 3D and found ourselves in a usual old tired SM cinema. 

There were like 3 to 4 cinemas in Southmall showing Spiderman. We chose the one convenient to our time that would let us eat dinner first but not a last fullshow cos it was a Sunday and the girls had to get home 
early for school on Monday. So we bought tickets first and headed to eat dinner.

Any theater there showing Spiderman was full of queue outside. There was also photo-ops with Spiderman mascot. I think it was the 3rd day of showing. 

When we came back to get inside the cinema, we also had to queue for like not less than 30 minutes. Oops sorry, this is not a movie review. This is just me ramblings :))). Anyway, I bet you saw Spiderman too, if not google for those reviews by movie experts. Me not included.
I actually saw the two Spiderman movies before this latest. But totally forgotten about them. The verdict? __ I like this latest best, only because I had no memory of the previous, haha.

A week or two before Spiderman, we watched. .whatelse but Avengers. Which first parts made husband slept, haha.

We also had to endure long queue for this as it was another blockbuster movie.

We watched it at Resorts World Cinema with state of the arts theaters. Love it there. The frowns, caused by the queue. I was ranting to husband that patience now a days is more important than cash to get you out of trouble. Ignore that. It just me :)). Q q q, you make me zzzz.

The girls definitely love Avengers and took some weeks to get over it. Patiently, they watched each of the film of the individual Avenger at home. 

And yes we watched local superhero movie _ KimiDora. haha. Surprisingly I really had super fun watching it. As in super funny to the f!!!

So there_ those movies ripped-off my wallet. To a family of four, going to movies costs like checking- in a hotel. With the high cost of entrance tickets+snacks+dinner, well it's not anymore the cheapest entertainment for the family. But spending time with your family is priceless, no matter how and where and how much.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can't yet. .

I have to take some  minutes from "my off- blog" break ( I'm busy attending so important matters in my private life.. sorry can't share here) to imprint my good bye to you Muymuy.
pause# can't look at you right now, it tears me. . . can't do this .. yet..maybe later..have to stop here ..
will come back later to update this post . .