Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New World, Makati

I had a glimpse of New World, Makati when husband had to meet his friend ( overseas based ) who was on a holiday here at Ph. and chose this hotel as his accommodation for the duration of his visit.

This was his twin bed room. And no, that's not him sleeping, haha. That was my husband who was napping and my daughter on the couch. It happened, when we arrived we saw the friend at the grand lobby with his relatives about to go out. He then threw his room card key to my hubby and told us to get comfy in his room while waiting for him.

Up on the 9th floor, the de luxe room  is flat and simple with no frills like other leisure hotels I've stayed in. Befitting perfectly  a guest who is on the run for business itinerary .

...or a transient who want to do some branded shopping before he rushes to his next desti. Greenbelt 3 is just few steps across the hotel.

Although the room seems  lacking in free space, it got complete facilities and amenities of a 5 star hotel which ofcourse  it is.

The bathroom is marbled and very masculine. .

It has an enclosed shower room. Can you spot its reflection on the mirror?

The toiletries  presentation is likewise business-like.

Snooping further, I found a hairdryer. Hmm, now this hotel's talking to me. That's a primer for me when I stay in a hotel, haha.

At this point, younger daughter got bored and asked the dad if she could use the pool. She was allowed as suggested by the friend/hotel guest.

The pool is at the 4th floor. It's gated and guests have to punch-in the room key card to enter the pool area.

The weather opposing my daughter, it rained even before she was able to take a dip, haha.

Oh well, that's New World for now. I'll update this if I would have stayed as a legit guest already.

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