Monday, November 9, 2009

Creatures of the Night Show

My Night Safari experience was culminated by the Creatures of the Night Show, a nocturnal animal show which featured wolves, hyenas, racoons, otters, binturongs, owls and servals as the stars.

The guests were welcomed by a hair raising cry of a wolf.. ahhhwooooohhhhh!!!!

The place was really eerie with all those dramatic lights in the middle of a forest. Flash photography was not allowed.

Owls and raccoon suddenly appeared from nowhere and would catch you by surprise that they were already flying or hanging above your head.

But what really created most panic was when the host announced that a giant snake was missing and was then on the loose!! hahaha! And might be under one of the seats we were occupying. Take a look of the commotion, almost everyone stood up with fear! And I was buying this so much so I was also panicking myself, hahaha.

The snake was found (ofcourse!) and brought to the stage. Audience participation was encouraged and a tourist braved his heart to the delight of the rest of the audience.

Lighter moments filled up the rest of the show. It had been a 30 minutes non-stop action and I felt like staying for more!

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