Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Princess of Coron Resort

Had the room at the first level of this casita vacant for even an over night stay, we might grabbed it just to experience the accommodation in Princess of Coron Resort. That particular room was spacious and nice and rate was reasonable.

But the resort was fully booked. They offered us a room in this building that would not be available for the next three days from the day we dropped by to the place and by then our Coron getaway had ended.

These were the two rooms they were offering us and not even available the day we went there. They were already waiting for the booked guests. However even thu' they were vacant, I didn't really like them. The rooms were consumed by the big beds and left no movement space.

Each room's pride is a modern bathroom. Nicer than the room itself.

Another claim to fame of the resort ( if you dig local showbiz personalities:), is they accommodated the stars of Dyesebel t.v. series when they were shooting in Coron. Local big stars like Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. I asked which rooms they particularly stayed _separately, in those small rooms with big beds shown to us.

The resort has a mini zoo with these frightening eyed monkeys.

They also have a wading pool.

The Austrian owner (married to a Filipina) of the resort was not around but his beautiful dog was.

I recommend this resort for budgeted tourists cos they allow their big kitchen to be used by the guest without charges.

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