Thursday, October 27, 2011

GUESS-Ph Fashion Week 2011

As I promised in my previous post, I'm sharing here the Guess-PH Fashion Week event I attended 4 days ago. It was at MOA's SMX (I'm so sure you know where it is, I know right?). We entered the function hall with cocktails being served few minutes before the show started.

I went with a girlfriend. .and next to our table were my daughter's school friends. Minus my daughter. She was too busy with school work (and her classmates were not? I wondered why too? haha)

A Guess V.I.P. welcomed the crowd.

The runway was blanketed by smoke that signaled  the commencement of the fashion show.

A live lady dj on the same runway had set the beat of the show, that was cool.

The show was all about Guess 2012 Spring/Summer Collection. Personally, I thought of the collection as really classic as what Guess is as ever.

The classic-ness was very pronounced in the jeans collection. For instance this bell bottom pair ( I had discarded my pairs of these a couple or more years ago) along side with. .

this pair of super tight skinny jeans. . is a statement of classy mix of timeless pieces. I guess, the trick is you wear what fits your figure. So it's more like personalized rather than trendy.

The real models in Guess jeans. I said the real ones cos there were also celebrity models who walked the ramp.

The press corps_ as busy as the models.

The celebrity models. You know who they are, so I'll skip naming them, ok?

Maxine Magalona enjoying the ramp. .

. .  and Raymund Gutierrez in the audience_ cheering his friends on the ramp.

The show was a blast!! Afterwards party people were all thirsty for drinks. Canap├ęs were being served around.

Sab Magalona didn't join her sis Max on the ramp but was also a captivating creature in the audience.

The Magalona girls truly are far more beautiful in person than in photos.

Kudos to GUESS!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you GUESS !

Three days ago, invites for Ph Fashion Week had landed in my lap courtesy of  saint Peter ( you know who you are *wink* ), thank you so much my dear:D.

Ofcourse I ran to the event, I love Fashion Week! I especially like it that I did not attend as part of the press corps/bloggers and be limited in proximity to the runway. There they were stationed behind the Guess V.I.Ps. Unlike me thu', these people are professionals with the right lenses and skills. I needed to be closer, haha.

FASTFORWARD ==> so I attended, enjoyed every bit of it ( where's the main event post???, coming my dear. Promise, after this post. you come back, ok ), but the Guess generosity didn't end when the show ended.

Guests were given each a loot bag. I love loot bags, I'm so cheap,haha.

Inside the bag were : some look books for their spring/summer 2012 collections, notebooks, membership card, some trinkets and my favorite. . this . .

I don't know to you, but for a cheapskate mom like me, I'm always happy to receive some freebies. Yah, I'm so cheap, haha. The fact is, then and now, I always love Guess jeans. True story.

So excited me, ran to a Guess store and claimed!!

Guess was so generous_ they were giving away newest arrivals.
Thank you so much_ Guess, USA.
Thanks a lot Peter,

Well, now if you hadn't attended this event and want some glimpses of it, you are welcome to come back for my next post as I featured the Guess- Philippine Fashion Week.
See ya.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Louis Vuitton Island Maison

I went to visit Singapore again last week and as usual amazed by the constant flowing of new establishments/attractions around the city. Before last week, I was there last February of this year too and prior to that a year gap before it and was surprised to find Universal Studios , Singapore already in full swing and the Marina Bay Sands with its stunning Marina Sky Park in full glory. I mean. .well, they weren't there yet on my last visit. The newest attraction then was the Singapore Flyer.
Exactly, why (however small Singapore is) I don't get tired of frequenting this city_ it always has something new to offer.

This time around_ I found the Louis Vuitton Island Maison floating at the waterfront of Marina Bay Sands promenade. It had its grand opening less than a month ago prior to my visit and therefore one of the newest establishments to date.It's not the first LV store in the city thu', it is actually the fifth. Needless to say_ it wasn't there yet 8 months ago during my visit before this.

looks more stunning at night.

I only made up to here, intentionally, haha. I heard how it's prettier inside..but hey I didn't want to torture myself by tearing my eyes looking on those LVs. I was 100% sure not buying and will not in the next 4 years, so why enter when not purchasing? bitter! haha.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fairy Ferry

I was so happy about the " leg room" of this vessel. See how it accommodated well my long leggednesss , huh??:))). It was way far better than the " no-leg-room-at-all " seats of   Jetstar Airways ( well, look who's complaining _ cheapskate me who availed the promo rate on line, and refused to spend a penny for a priority seat on that budget airline which possibly had a leg room! haha ).

 But this was not even an aircraft!

It's a ferry! So comfy and so nice. Can you spot it right behind me? Sorry, this is the only photo I have showing her body. It doesn't even justify her colors and beauty. I was supposed to board already and bro just snapped this photo.

It was a ferry of Bintan Resort Ferries. The ferry we boarded going to Bintan Island, Indonesia from Singapore which is only 45 minutes away from/to each other. Economy fare for adults two way is more or less than S$70 and for emerald class, it's around S$100 or a little more.

Look how spacious it is inside.

in the tail part of the boat.

in the head part. Pardon my boat vocabulary, it's zero,haha.

Another thing that I like in this ferry is the huge wide window. The opposite of it (the tiny windows of an aircraft) I dreaded the most about boarding  the claustrophobic aircraft. (hey, may I return to my beloved country on board this pretty ferry instead ?, haha).

The snack bar is neither bad at all.

Later I'll share with you the other ferry I boarded going to another island. Until then, you would surely understand why I was so much happier with this one.
Gotta alight now.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

North Bintan Tour (part1)

My recent trip was such a combination_ of boring tours and amazing experiences. Well, for now let me begin to share with the mediocre ones. This is only because, until this time ( it has been almost a week since I got home) I'm pretty much still on a holiday mode and my blogging enthusiasm seems to be on vacation mode too.

Can you spot me there? This was in a ferry terminal at Bintan, Indonesia. Already looks like one of our local domestic airports, right? Anyways, we kindah arrived earlier, so much earlier for our resort's booking and had to look for things to do to fill-up the hours.

Brother suggested to avail a  tour package, to more or less have a glimpse of the culture of the island. He was very keen on seeing an actual "kampong" (an Indonesian hamlet or village). Bestfriend agreed quickly and in a jiffy we availed the North Bintan Tour from one of the booths in the terminal, not by choice but it was the only one available matching our free time. So for about S$55 per head, our itinerary said : * vegetable farm and fisheries, * Chinese Temple, * Tanjung Uban (second town), *small Malay fishing village, * local beach (Sebong Pereh) and * a shopping center at POO. The package also included a lunch or dinner (Kelong sea food) and fresh coconut water.

Our driver / tour guide had given us the leeway to decide which place would come first. We thought we all needed an early lunch so we headed to our first stop _ Aneka Seafood, a restaurant by the sea. Hmmm, I wasn't feeling it on the first sight as we entered the establishment, I saw household going on in the restaurant. with laundry, baby sitting and the kitchen (yes it was very visible at the entrance) was not a sight to behold. Blame me not, as usual my entry point before this was the sophisticated Singapore and so far no Malaysia nor Indonesia ( and sure may I include my beloved country- Philippines) could come close to the perfectly neat SG.

Aside from the busy entrance, in fairness, the restaurant was airy and clean. The food?_wella, later you could visit my food blog .

Underneath the restaurant was a very clean sea and outside the windows a bonus of an idyllic scenery which was very refreshing.

Brother had this captured by his lens.

Lunch was done and we had our first aroma of the island.

Outside, I noticed an altar_ Buddhist? not sure.

Onwards to our next stop. . may I take a pause here?. .promise just for a short while. .maybe I'll be back as soon as  tomorrow. . see you on my next post.
For now, go check the food here please.