Friday, October 1, 2010

Mount Tapyas

For now, let me take you off shore. Let's go back to the dry land and I promise to continue the island tours later.
Once again I was about to validate the gift of strength of my legs with Mt. Tapyas 700+ steps challenge. Although I wasn't as gifted as to have beautiful legs like those of models and women in the movies, I'm  always thankful that I have a pair that are strong and very functional that walk me through highs and lows of my life.

The goal was to reach the summit of the second highest point in Coron. The target was that white cross standing 2000 feet above sea level.Unlike in Baguio's Grotto steps whereas you could drive over and take short cuts of your choice, Mt. Tapyas asks you to walk through all the way up the cross.

I am no mountain climber and far from being athletic but don't be deceived by  my mommy-ish pair of legs, I promised you they take me wherever I command them to bring me. As for the other set of legs beside me ( my cuzin's), well go on_ doubt !!!!

No sweat at 100 steps.Already, at this early on, the view spoke so much of beauty of nature.

At 200, well seemed like everything was well and manageable still. Just a shot of water and good to go !  Cuzin' you agree ?

I rushed up afraid to be stopped by exhaustion started to build up after another 50 steps passed 200.

I stopped at 400 and realized that there was no marking for 300. Also, at this point the other pair of legs had given up and stopped few steps after 200. Cuzin was hyperventilating and decided to be proud of the highest mark she had reached, way beyond the number of stairs in her house..

I decided to make use of the last rest station available before I go on without a stop.

I look back/down to get motivation from the beautiful view and to remind myself of how many steps I had already mounted and there was no turning back!

I look forward/ up and saw how near I was to my goal. Go! go! Go!

A few steps further, I could no longer contained myself from the view getting transcendent every step I took up. I stop for awhile to take some photos. Wish I had more appropriate lens_ sigh*

Pretty _ the town of Coron and the countless majestic islands around.

Heaven was so close. .

Was I not there yet ? .. In less than an hour after the first step at the foot of the mountain, I found myself ( with my brother) at the foot of the cross on top of Mount Tapyas!!!

The cross made me pray. I prayed for the souls of the Japanese soldiers during the World War, who ended their lives here.

 I also prayed to thank the Lord for a wonderful life he's giving me and that I always feel His love for the bountiful beautiful nature He bestowed my country such as those within sight at the top of this historical mountain.

Up here, I saw upclose the chipped part of the mountain which history carried by its name. Tapyas means chipped or sliced in English. The mountain was used as a military camp of the Japanese force. When American force came in the country, they bombed the mountain which chipped an interesting part of it. Thus the mountain has been named Mount Tapyas (chipped mountain).

I was not sure if I was pointing the right one. The local vendor said it was the Mt. Darala, a dormant volcano, seen across on top of Mt. Tapyas.

After a while of savoring the top view of Coron, I decided to wave goodbye and thought of my cuzin' waiting below on the 200th step, 500 steps away.

Everyone said, their legs were shakin' uncontrollably while getting down. Mine didn't! Really proud of my mommy-ish strong legs!

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