Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Can't still have a good grasp of it # the mighty sun has been playing so elusive since the first of August, had given  Manila daily burst of massive rain, not less than 3 typhoons, torrential/monsoon serious flood BUT!! yesterday 'till today_  the sun has been up and shining !!!! Are you kidding me?? After I had cancelled two scheduled trips for this month, now you're giving me this " beautiful beach weather". Nohurtfeelings. I heard another typhoon is coming, so really I'm just happy to wake-up with the sun beaming at me, which is a rarity now a days.

I'm just saying.. my last out of town was as old as the last time a whole week the sun continued to show. As far as I can remember, that was like sometime in June this year. Cos after that, it has been all raining and just small peeking of the sun, and the only place I've been to were malls' supermarkets to buy groceries. then stayed home under roof being hammered by the heavy downpour of the rain_everyday!

Sometime in June, we had our short visit of my hometown and before exiting, we decided to eat our lunch at one of the countless waterfalls/river resorts a little bit away from the town.

See how cheap the entrance fees are.

From that opening, we walked and passed some houses, really rural. I enjoyed some rustic scenes like the kid bathing himself in a basin. He didn't care at all about a bigger body of water just across his house which was the resort we were going. Or maybe, he had too much of it already.

Few feet across that little boy in the basin, there was this man made small bridge with water flowing on it.

It wasn't a pass thru bridge where one can walk to reach the other point. It was more it seemed a water container. Unseen from the photo above, there were couples of women washing clothes right at this spot. Making use of the free flowing water. This also served as the entrance of the resort.

From up there, we went down and this what caught us in surprise. One solid massive rock with water flowing happy. For P20 entrance fee, where could you steal such a nature treat, if not in gifted rural town such as Guinayangan Quezon.

We couldn't help ourselves and went straight up to the rock.

The water was coming from the river behind the rock. I wasn't so solved about the staircases. They lessen the rustic appeal of the falls and made them looked  man made. In fairness, they made going around the falls real easy.

Neither the painted stairs appealed to me.

That time, the resort was relatively had just opened for business. We also caught some locals having photo shoot for the beauty contest of their barangay fiesta.

The place spelled nature kiss. We almost forgot why we dropped by there. Not to swim! We didn't bring any swimwear.

But to eat our packed lunch!!! We weren't asked to pay for the cottage since were just there to eat and not to swim. Yah, I looked funny there,haha,

Nothing could beat a nature stop when you're up for a long road trip (like 5-6 hours) back to the tiresome city.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Torrential Rains

Photo of Manila City Hall area taken two days ago. By now more horrendous under water Manila+nearby Luzon provinces photos are allover the net. The flood source is a news in that sense that it wasn't a super typhoon at all. It was caused by  "torrential rains" following typhoon Gener which later had gotten different international names. Torrential rains?, now we have added a new word in our local weather experienced dictionary. I'm quite 'omg' to what next.

Marikina residents waiting to be rescued. The same city which was so much affected by "Ondoy" had again went through the same ordeal. This makes me hundred folds thankful that my family is residing in Las Pinas which is so lucky not to be a flooded-prone sub-urban city. If there were flooded areas in Las Pinas, they were only isolated cases and had not reached our area. So far.

Having been safe and well had made me so thankful but never joyous. My heart goes to the thousands of displaced victims of this latest catastrophe in our country.  Many are temporary housed in evacuation centers around the city up to this day.
The sun is a little up today. No one will surely know if it would stay up there for the whole day. But for the victims it needs more than a beaming sun to alleviate the difficulties they are going through. They need HELP!
For those who are like me who wish to extend a hand to our affected kababayans, you can visit the website for links to relief operations and evacuation centers.
God bless us all.