Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Enchanted Kingdom and Star City came late in my list of local amusement parks here in my 3rd world country. I grew- up amused by annual fiesta's carnival in my rural hometown.
However rural and 7 hours far from Manila, my beloved town, nevertheless is easy to pick-up internet connection just like the rest of the world. So, I'd say_it's not so left behind.

Yet, it's on a happy note to find similar mobile amusement center still being enjoyed by the locals on our town fiesta.

I remember to have my first ferris wheel ride with mother in one of those carnivals of my primitive years.

When I caught a stop ( the ferris wheel stopped on cue when a unit had to unload/load a new set of  passengers) at the uppermost part, floating above all, I would enjoy the eye bird's view of my green town.

Weird attractions like this one also never failed to make my little girl's eyes so wide with amusement.

Nah, I didn't have this kind of balloon, I had those organic round, colored balloons.

Can you spot the little boy and girl in queue? Reminds me so much of me and my brother when we were in the same age, tagged by my mother to give us the best amusement in town.
I miss those days.

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