Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Siete Picados Marine Park

Our call time for the islands tour was at 8:30 am. But we were all already up as early as 6:30 am. You know how excited we always are when we are on a trip. Getting to bed as late as earliest dawn doesn't matter . We always find ourselves up and alive the minute the sun lights our faces.

On our 3rd day at Coron Town, we were already quite familiar around town and somehow knew our way especially to the best place for breakfast.

We didn't stay a single night at Sea Dives ( divers' favorite accommodation) but we had all our breakfasts there. Best ever in town. ( check it out in my food blog later). So we headed to Sea Dive to eat and waited our boat. We asked our coordinator to send the boat right infront of Sea Dives' dock.

Then off we went to our first stop : Siete Picados.

Siete Picados Marine Park has seven sins? nah.. seven islets. It has lots and lots of bread-hungry fishes, lush marine garden and best spot to snorkel. You don't have to swim deep. Just take a peek below and you would be amazed how God has forgiven our seven sins. He loves us so much, he endowed us with so much natural wonders.

A live sea urchin, we took so much precaution not to step a single of it. First of all it is a living creature, second of all, it surely a pain in the foot to step on sticks that long. I'm not sure if this is allowed_ to take it out from the water, but it was just a quick one and really I was so careful handling it. It was so alive, it even had eyes staring at me. It was ticklish as it moved in my hand. After quick seconds, I let it go carefully back to its home_under the sea.

Onwards to our next stop : the world renowned click Kayangan Lake. See ya !

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