Monday, October 4, 2010

The Twins of Coron,Palawan


The entrances of lagoons and lakes in Coron were amazing. They were as if the Creator hid them in the sea, covered them with limestone islets. I mean, if you are a total stranger of the place like me and kayaking alone, looking for these lagoons , you would definitely missed them. Our boat had taken numbers of turns passing several rock islets and then suddenly appeared a stunning limestone walled lagoon.

The Twin Lagoon.I really thought the towering limestones were enchanting. I felt like I was on a theme park cos only there I've seen a lot of replicas of these nature artworks, but these were the irrefutable real beauties.

I submerged my face into the water hoping to catch a glimpse of the lagoon floor if it was enough-ly shallow for my personal swimming preference. Boy it was all darkness! So I knew I had to stay on the boat.

And then, it came to me this was only one lagoon. I thought it had a twin? Yup! It was on the other side! The way to go there was to swim over that small passage (above photo) cos the narrow wooden bridge (top level photo) was cut short far from the above photo of the hanging stairs which were another way but just the same you couldn't hang on the rock forever, you also had to swim over.
Definitely I wouldn't miss a chance to see the other twin. So when the water descended a bit to allow the bamboo raft pass through the hole. . . .

Look what we had done _ __ _____ ____




Kindah breathtaking cos we were not sure if the sharp edges of the rocks wouldn't cut our faces.

We made it ! without scratches to the other twin.

Well, they were twins what could I say. They looked the same. I thought the water on the entrance twin was better looking. Might be because there were more people using/swimming this hidden one cos the outside lagoon was used more for docking of boats.

Then it was time to leave for another island. . .


The Twin Peaks. The thing was I really couldn't figure out the two peaks they were saying.

So we moved nearer. This is the first islet.

We drove around . . . can you now figure out the two peaks at this angle? I still coudn't !

We didn't actually made a stop to this site. Twin Peaks is a snorkeling/diving spot. We were tired to get off and swim. We just checked it out.

Then off we went to the next island . . .

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