Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kulo ng Poleteismo

The controversial Poleteismo at CCP, a massive wall collage installation by the artist Midea Cruz as part of the exhibit "Kulo" literally stirred the people of the church, specifically the devout Catholics to a boiling point of rage.

Last Friday an open forum was held right in the gallery where the exhibit is being hosted. attended by representatives of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, V.I.P.'s, media ,artists, students and other concerned citizens.But really where are these all coming from???


Root : The Poleteismo is a jumbled juxtaposition of images of Christ and random objects (each I'm sure is not random to the artist but each is a particular expression.). But to the devotees which homes you would find images/statues of Christ pedestalled on altars to the highest restpect, imagine now how would they feel to see this very nonconservative, unbecoming  presentation of Christ.

Moreover, the firestorm is heated up by other feature of Poleteismo like this cross . Looking at the image, I know I need not elaborate.

. .and this one also would definitely give a heart attack to a Christ devotee.

The artist being interviewed by a media icon - Ces Drilon.
Those and in many angles placed the artist in a very controversial position, in the center of a firestorm!

according to him. .

Definitely no one from the Catholic Church is approving of this artwork.. .
. . but I'm a Catholic and I'm neither approving nor disapproving. . in a specific way, I mean_ I'm not prejudging both/all parties (the artist and the CBCP and the opposed many others).

Don't hate me for being a Catholic and not so religious about being one. On second thought, you have all the right not to understand my indifference. But one thing is sure my faith to the Lord is unshakably intact and verymuch alive. The thing is I'm never a Sunday Catholic.
Ask me now of which higher percentage myself is made of? _ a religious person or an art enthusiast? Forgive me, but honestly I'm more of the latter.
But respect I have a lot . . to the church and to arts.
I guess. .it's just a matter of to each his own. 
Christ believers have all the right to get offended by those images .
I'm sure artist Midea Cruz knows what he's putting himself into.

I'm actually as cut into two pieces as the issue is. .

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