Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fresh Catch Of the Day

While waiting for our breakfast to be served (at Sea Dive,Coron) , I would amuse myself with the beautiful nature and activities around the place.

I would be particularly consumed watching the divers on route to the dive sites. They would first be transported by a small boat to get to the actual boat which was a lot bigger and couldn't dock to the shallow part of the sea.

So there in the mornings I would be sitting pretty by the sea, but one time something caught my attention.

At my back was a village boy doing something interesting.

He was fishing, using improvised gadgets_ thread and hook and he was fishing pretty well !

In less than 20 minutes he was able to catch fishes for his family. The merit was not actually solely on him.

He had his brother on the boat as a backup and they worked as a team. Second step after catching the fish, was to hand down the fish to his brother.

The brother would quickly attend to the live fish and prevented it from leaping back to the water by whacking it with his slippers _ OUCH!!

Then he would deposit the fish to his safety container and the process went on circling with his brother atop at the restaurant.

Alas after so many pieces of fish I saw the village boys caught, I heard a woman's voice from the window of the resto's kitchen (which was just right beside where the boy positioned himself to fish), shouting to the boys to stop fishing! It was the mother of the village boys who worked in the resto and reminded his sons that they were not allowed to fish on that side of the sea.
The boy obliged his mother's command and went down the boat to join his siblings. They went home with about 2-3 kilos of freshly caught fishes.

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