Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pueblo por la Playa : Infinity Pool & Beyond..

I  glanced big at the biggest infinity pools I've seen so far in the country. The rain was pouring big time too. Hmm, I doubted if the weather so angry raining would give me a chance to take a dip.

These are the awesome infinity pools in Pueblo Por La Playa in Pagbilao Quezon.

One of the giant pools has a floating bar even. Nice or what? I echoed our kids eagerness to try the pool. But the rain..!!!!

So I decided to attack the weather situation with my witch power. I recited the anti-rain mantra. Goes like this : rain, rain go away.. haha!
The beautiful back draft  I have is the hotel of the resort. While the villa's best feature is the easy access to the beach, the hotel's best feature would be the easy access to the pools.

Are you kidding me? It worked!! The rain stopped, haha.
Just in case you noticed that two men behind me up there_ one of them is my husband, totally didn't care how silly I was downstairs, haha.

Finally, our chance to taste the pool!!!

The kiddie pool is located by the beach .

The kids couldn't be happier with the weather cooperating..

.. the moms likewise.

Ahh.. life is perfect. Sometimes.

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