Monday, June 6, 2011


In the province of Batangas, best beach coves can be found in Nasugbu which mostly are serving Club Punta Fuego's resort properties.. One of these is the Terrazas de Punta Fuego which facilities are exclusively enjoyed by the members and their guests.

Only my second time here, ( I'm no member, hello_ P. Fuego's residential resorts are enclave for the rich. I don't think I would be one rich member in this lifetime:)). The first time was courtesy of a previous all expense paid company outing That was years ago.

It has a wading pool to the delights of the kids and the kids at heart.

Also in this part of Terrazas is an infinity pool afloat the beach. Still in exact condition as it was on my first visit couple of years ago. I mean, it seemed not to run old nor looked newly renovated. I'd say, it is fairly maintained.
I heard Terrazas has another infinity pool at the upper part and that I've never been to. My visits were only limited to the beach amenities/facilities on a day tour by which I already felt privileged.

The coffee brown cabanas protruding by the beach offer relaxation facing the ocean.

Best part is the beach!!! It claims to be the best swimming beach in Nasugbu.

The sand and water are fine and pristine.

During my first visit, I thought the whole beach cove was solely owned by Terrazas. I didn't have the time then to roam around the beach.

This time, I realized the beach is being shared by other resorts in the cove. Nevertheless, it's good that it's not crowded like the other beaches in this town.

Best-est of the day was the glorious sunny and white cloudy sky. June is actually an off beach season cos it is meant to be a rainy/typhoony month. It was the first weekend of June 2011 and it was a perfect beach day.

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