Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New World, Makati

I had a glimpse of New World, Makati when husband had to meet his friend ( overseas based ) who was on a holiday here at Ph. and chose this hotel as his accommodation for the duration of his visit.

This was his twin bed room. And no, that's not him sleeping, haha. That was my husband who was napping and my daughter on the couch. It happened, when we arrived we saw the friend at the grand lobby with his relatives about to go out. He then threw his room card key to my hubby and told us to get comfy in his room while waiting for him.

Up on the 9th floor, the de luxe room  is flat and simple with no frills like other leisure hotels I've stayed in. Befitting perfectly  a guest who is on the run for business itinerary .

...or a transient who want to do some branded shopping before he rushes to his next desti. Greenbelt 3 is just few steps across the hotel.

Although the room seems  lacking in free space, it got complete facilities and amenities of a 5 star hotel which ofcourse  it is.

The bathroom is marbled and very masculine. .

It has an enclosed shower room. Can you spot its reflection on the mirror?

The toiletries  presentation is likewise business-like.

Snooping further, I found a hairdryer. Hmm, now this hotel's talking to me. That's a primer for me when I stay in a hotel, haha.

At this point, younger daughter got bored and asked the dad if she could use the pool. She was allowed as suggested by the friend/hotel guest.

The pool is at the 4th floor. It's gated and guests have to punch-in the room key card to enter the pool area.

The weather opposing my daughter, it rained even before she was able to take a dip, haha.

Oh well, that's New World for now. I'll update this if I would have stayed as a legit guest already.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Littered Beach

 Not all beaches are created equally for swimming and sun worshiping. . True story.

One faithful weekend in Nasugbu Batangas, during  our crazy beach hopping, we landed on this dark mocha almost black beach. . .

From this angle, the beach looks normal even smooth. I wouldn't mind the color, I'm not at all racist anyway,.. if only. .

. .the beach was atleast. .

unlittered with plastics, plastics, plastics!!!! omg!!! What's happening in this side of Batangas. Don't they care at all to our mother nature. All right, beach goers here must be so unattached  and thought this beach as a garbage zone. Curse them if you must. But how about the local authorities here?? Any concern?? Or atleast those resort owners nestling fronting this beach. . Beach resorts in this area are not high-end alright, but I don't think a garbage-full beach is alright to any type of resorts.
Is the "tapat ko, linis ko" campaign not working here, obviously.

Walking few feet ahead, there was a net fishing scene. .

. . and horses walking by. .

Assumed elements that this beach is not made for swimming. Away from my eyes husband and kids joined the rest of the group who drunkenly swam over the black sea. The moment they touched the water, their legs were bitten by some angry-sea-creatures.

Everyone jumped out of the sea.

Nonetheless, I was able to steal a dramatic sunkissed photo scenes in a little corner off the littered beach.
If you you want to enjoy Nasugbu beaches, make sure to drive furthermore to here and here, those two would be your starting point to better beaches in this province.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm not here. .

. .many times I'm madly driven. .
. .then I get tired. .
. .then I hibernate. .
. .see you later:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

WIFi Bus

Oftentimes, when a road trip lacks sceneries on the side and everyone in the car is snoring except me and husband (driving). . I try to amuse myself watching cars infront of us.

One time, this bus caught my eyes. .

Jack Liner _ " the first wifi bus ". Aha, so buses now are wi-fied too! That's so nice. It surely beats the long boring trip on a bus. I haven't tried one yet. I wonder how it looks now inside that bus _ I imagine to see passengers glued on to their own screens_ facebooking, browsing the internet and whateves.
Chances are one or many of them would miss their final stop/destination. Worst if one of the passengers is a robber. Intentionally targeted the bus with the wifi cos obviously in there would be lots and lots of laptops, ipads, iphones _ wow that would be a robbery feast!
I wonder how does the bus manage the security then.?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simply amazing. .

. . .  isn't it?
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Nothing in this world can beat the unconditional love a mother has towards her children and hopefully vise-versa.
God is so good, He created mothers.

photo - emailed by my friend _ ty so much Joyce M.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Munting Buhangin

The beach is  Munting Buhangin in Nasugbu, Batangas.

I heard of it from friends but I'd never been there until I came back to Terrazas de Punta Fuego and found out that Munting Buhangin is just right beside it.

Although there was a partition rope between these  neighboring beach resorts, I hadn't seen so much difference on the quality of water and sand  the two have.However, it's already given that  the difference in image and facilities of  each has from one another is million pesos apart. Needless to say, the Terrazas is a lot higher-end than Munting Buhangin.

It's just fair to say that if you are under small pouch budget but want to enjoy the same calibre of  Terrazas' beach front and water, Munting Buhangin is the next "beach" thing.

There are nipa hut and tent  cavanas for day use and I gather_ there are rooms for night staying guests available inside that fenced resort. I wasn't able to see the actual rooms thu'.
Are you keen about the scripts on the boat? jump here.

One thing is sure thu' _ the sun scene is always beautiful in this side of  Batangas.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Burnt skin , sandwiched in towering limestone cliffs. . still smiling??? ftw?

What's not to smile about? With the gifts of nature abound the Calamianes_couldn't help but to take another shot of  Coron, tags as the last frontier of my country.

It's easy to capture beautiful photos when you are in Coron. It's very scenic and everything is picture-perfect, even for amateurish me.

The towering rock formations are to die for.

Even girls couldn't resist and didn't mind taking the risk of climbing the rocks for a bit edgier photo ops. Can you spot me there?

Never! haha! I dared not be taken a photo side by side with those young body-perfect girls. .so I had mine solo! haha.insecure motherhen!

Another one of me on top of one of the limestone cliffs. Showing-off that at my age I could still climb that high barefooted. Another symptom of my growing insecurities as I age. haha.

I envy me_ there.
With the perfect beach weather we have this week, its' so hard to fight the idea of catching  flight to Busuanga ( from Manila it's only approximately 40 minutes or less) and indulge another nature bound weekend in Coron. What d'ya think?
If its gonna be your first Coron adventure, may the following posts serve you in one way or another.
click to Indulge!

Some places : 

- to stay :  Coron Gateway Hotel Suites , Coron Hilltop View Resort, Busuanga Island ParadiseDarayonan, Coron Village Lodge, Mt. Tapyas Hotel , Balinsasayaw Resort , Princess of Coron Resort

- to see in Coron Town : Mount Tapyas , on top of Mt. Tapyas , Party Boat , Bird's Eyeview , Fresh Catch , Kuweba , Makinit Hot Spring

- to never miss : Banol Beach , Siete Picados , Kayangan tease, Kayangan Lake , Barracuda Lake , Twin Lagoon, Twin Peaks

- to enjoy food : Coron Village Bar and Resto , Bistro Coron , Coron Harvest , Sea Dive Restaurant , Coron Gateway Restaurant , Kawayanan Grill.

Be happy always!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kulo ng Poleteismo

The controversial Poleteismo at CCP, a massive wall collage installation by the artist Midea Cruz as part of the exhibit "Kulo" literally stirred the people of the church, specifically the devout Catholics to a boiling point of rage.

Last Friday an open forum was held right in the gallery where the exhibit is being hosted. attended by representatives of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, V.I.P.'s, media ,artists, students and other concerned citizens.But really where are these all coming from???


Root : The Poleteismo is a jumbled juxtaposition of images of Christ and random objects (each I'm sure is not random to the artist but each is a particular expression.). But to the devotees which homes you would find images/statues of Christ pedestalled on altars to the highest restpect, imagine now how would they feel to see this very nonconservative, unbecoming  presentation of Christ.

Moreover, the firestorm is heated up by other feature of Poleteismo like this cross . Looking at the image, I know I need not elaborate.

. .and this one also would definitely give a heart attack to a Christ devotee.

The artist being interviewed by a media icon - Ces Drilon.
Those and in many angles placed the artist in a very controversial position, in the center of a firestorm!

according to him. .

Definitely no one from the Catholic Church is approving of this artwork.. .
. . but I'm a Catholic and I'm neither approving nor disapproving. . in a specific way, I mean_ I'm not prejudging both/all parties (the artist and the CBCP and the opposed many others).

Don't hate me for being a Catholic and not so religious about being one. On second thought, you have all the right not to understand my indifference. But one thing is sure my faith to the Lord is unshakably intact and verymuch alive. The thing is I'm never a Sunday Catholic.
Ask me now of which higher percentage myself is made of? _ a religious person or an art enthusiast? Forgive me, but honestly I'm more of the latter.
But respect I have a lot . . to the church and to arts.
I guess. .it's just a matter of to each his own. 
Christ believers have all the right to get offended by those images .
I'm sure artist Midea Cruz knows what he's putting himself into.

I'm actually as cut into two pieces as the issue is. .