Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Donkey & The Hurricane

Be blown away by incredible special effects as an empty soundstage becomes the setting for a Category 5 major hurricane about to hit New York City. As you stand in a boathouse by the harbor, watch how a calm day suddenly turns stormy. Brace yourself as hurricane-force winds sweep in from the sea and drive a cargo ship and debris towards the boathouse you’re in. Calm soon returns and the damaged boathouse restores itself, all thanks to movie magic.

One of the  attractions that amused me in Universal Studios,SG, was an indoor movie special effects show called Lights, Camera, Action.

a local host briefed us of what to expect. .water splash, fire, horrendous winds, sounds and shaking. . anything in a hurricane. .just now I have thoughts: how about a tsunami theme in a similar show discipline. . ???

preparing for the worst to come:))) a hurricane was expected!!


everything was real in this stage right before my eyes, except for those behind the huge windows which I had guessed were filmed.

. .  as if all those were not enough to paralyze my nerves. .out of nowhere a titanic ship entered the stage!! whoahhh!!!

Now ask me what's the most boring attraction at US, Singapore!

It was a show called Donkey Live!

With me were those I would guess_ were first timers adults  too, otherwise they would have had let their kids on their own to see this show without them.

I really felt trapped. . if only the entrance door was not locked after we entered. . I would have had exited the minute I entered.haha.

It was actually an interactive show, whereas donkey was filmed but the voice was live. The audience was encourage by the host to participate to thave a conversation with donkey in a film that  didn't even look so 3D to me.
I was happiest when the show was over and I was released! haha.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Li Bien Ornament

I joined a flock of people watching this woman painting

in a very unique discipline. . in a very unique canvass. .

She's painting a glass ball ornament.. . she was painting in reverse, the inside of the ball. .how cleverly artistic is that!

The "Li Bien" Ornament
In Chinese, the phrase "Li Bien" means "inside." The Li Bien Ornament showcases the age-old skill of inside painting. Through a small opening in the ornament, the artist repeatedly inserts a miniature brush to paint the artwork. The process is painstaking and time consuming requiring two days to paint each ornament. The resulting ornament is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind keepsake you'll treasure for years to come.

Found her at a shop in Chinatown, Singapore. Somewhere at Smith Street, if I could remember it right. Much that I admired the works, I didn't buy a piece which looking through these photos I suddenly felt a pinch of regret. When I get back, I really have to get one for myself.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ancient Egypt & The Lost World

Ancient Egypt

Universal Studios, Singapore

"Ancient pyramids and obelisks stand fast against the sands of time as you are transported to 1930’s Egypt, the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration. Travel to an era when entire Pharaohs tombs were discovered- and their terrible curses unleashed".- borrowed from U Studios, SG's website, hehe. Well, I would have had said the same description of the place, anyway.

I like this angle where the future and the past stand side by side. In the background (before Ancient Egypt) is the Battlestar Galactica, the world tallest roller coaster at Sci-Fi City.

Just make sure you are not under these giant statues when an earthquake strikes. eeeee. .

In this side of Universal Studios, Revenge of the Mummy is the most popular one.

I heard a lot, really detailed experiences from my friends, of this attraction and well. . . sorry, obviously not for this less-fearless mom.

If it's only all about creatures ( plagued on all sides by huge fireballs, swarms of scarab beetles and an army of warrior mummies, all in total darkness. ) tricking appearances, I could survive. . .

but to ride a high speed indoor roller coaster, mostly in total darkness? No. Brother, my opposite, totally loved this ride. He tried it not only twice but thrice and wanted another one if only we were not losing time.

While waiting for him, we went across and found this Treasure Hunters which specifically for children. The staff at the entrance stressed : this attraction is very nice for kids! But look at the queue_ mostly kids at heart! , haha.

that included me!! shameless me, even drove the poor little ancient car.My thicker faced friends were my passengers, we didn't have kids with us, hahaha.

So there_ fake smoking mummy, fake snake and croc. . hey hey! what are you bitching about??? You were warned that this is a boring ride for kids, remember? hahaha.

How glad we were when it was over, haha.

The Lost World

I closed my eyes. . .

and when I opened them, I found myself in The Lost World!

At the Jurassic Park it was already lunch time so we ate here .

There were four attractions here but most of them required me to get wet. So I choose the Canopy Flyer, away from the water splash.

Ok, no water wetting - check, but hey no one said it was a roller coaster ride, mini, yes! but still. . . .!!!!! I just closed my eyes all throughout the ride and caught my breath at the end, haha. Everyone, except me, looked bored thu', hahaha.

Another major attraction here, if it's your first time like mine, is the WaterWorld which you could see here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lovers' Lane

No, it's not a photo shoot. It's a random shot I sneaked out of this random loving couple in a random river bank across the river in Clarke Quay, Singapore.

Another one of them. Love was still on the air. It was still within the love month (Feb. 2011) allright,  but definitely Valentine's Day was weeks over, it was already on the latter part of the month. And people were still so in love!!!

It was 2 am . lots of lovin'. .. and kissin'. . .

and more. . .!!!!!! ( heyyah there, looks like it's time to get a room, don't ya think??)

kissing couples everywhere!!!! It's time to go home, husband is waiting in P.I., haha.

Have a loving weekend everyone !!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luge's Dragon Trail

I took another ride of skyride and luge in Sentosa. Not for me but for the benefits of my travel mates on their first Sentosa visit. Just like my first time, I pretented to be cool about the  afraid- of- heights- issue. No matter how often I've been doing lately lots of sky jump, flying, zip lines, etc, stuffs_still when I'm up there, my heart goes thug-thug beats.

But I do manage without manifestation, haha. You know, if you were beside me, you would hardly know. I manage by diverting my attention away from the super fast heartbeat. Just like during my first sky ride ( see here, you will notice I took exact shot of my feet in the same spot cos this was where my heart started to beat fast, so I started to distract myself  by tinkering my cam, the only difference was the footwear I was on. I was on a pair of havaianas then, I was in fitflop this time. advertising? ps. I was also wearing a different nail color, haha. ), I either consumed myself by taking photos or talking to my seatmate. While praying silently _ this too shall pass. . this too shall pass. .  omg_what's taking this ride too long?. . haha.


an islet

empty chairlift unit and go carts infront of me

Those three photos are some of the random photos I took as I diverted my attention away from my fear, haha.

So imagine how relieved I was when it was time to transfer to luge.

This is the ride you would take to get down to the bottom. The skyride supposedly is the ride that brings you at the top of the mountain(?). So it's a down hill ride from here on.

I like luge a lot. It's for boring mom like me. You're actually in full control of this_  there are only two things to remember :  1). go and break  2) pull and push. Opps, are they counted as four?

No camera? Sure!!!

Do I have a choice? I am supposed to drive, right? My hands are full, how can I accommodate taking photos??

But I saw other tourists/riders manipulating their cart to take a halt and took photos. Aha!!! I shall do the same!! ofcourse!!! haha.

This time too, the Luge offered a new trail_ the Dragon Trail. I couldn't cite any difference from the Jungle Trail (which I took on my first ride), maybe the latter was longer, I'm not sure. Felt the same for me.

Might be_ this dragon figure made the difference.

Here are the latest price rates. I don't know if they hiked price but you could compare to the other time I was here, see here, kindly click to enlarge the last photo in that  post to see the prices, only if you're interested.