Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kayangan Lake

Of all the many islands of Coron, I'd say - Kayangan Lake is the most popular, the most visited and the most photographed. It also got the hardest trail to trek up and down the lake,  and yes recognized as the cleanest lake in Asia.

Entering the lake was dramatic as the boat went in through lime stone cliffs positioned like a real gate.

The boat docked and we had to climb a stone mountain to get down to the lake. The rock stairs were steep and irregular. It was not an easy trail. One had to go through hell to get to heaven. It was good that the day before this island tour I climbed Mount Tapyas, completed its 700+ steps, so I was confident I could conquer this one too.

Cuzin'  didn't agree with me but tried her best anyway.

After around 10-15 minutes of trekking, our guide told us to take the right ( or was it a left) turn and not to head down yet. Right there was the best view in the island. It was the spot where everyone took photos sitting in the big rock ( a bit dangerous in a cliff) with the blue lagoon in full background.

Corny-ness! But hey I wanted one of myself nevertheless. First of all, someone's picture in that over-exposed spot had inspired me to visit Coron. Posing was bit of a challenge cos of the edginess of the location. Plus the fact that people were q-ing to use the same spot. So we decided to give way to others and just get back on our way out after the lake.

Few feet across that rock is a cave. No long queue for this so we took advantage of the emptiness of the cave.

It has interesting rock formations but real dark. You have to point your camera up to the few white colored rocks to borrow a bounced light if you forgot to bring your speedlite flash. There_ I was trying to sound like I know photography, haha. When infact and real obvious  I wasn't behind the lens here, haha. It was my camera-genius brother!

After awhile we reached the lake and boy the sight was worth the effort!

The lake was quietly surrounded by limestone cliffs .

Right away we plunged into the lake and instantly forgotten the tedious trek we undertook to get here.

From the shallowest part I was sitting, I saw lots of small thin fishes.

There were rocks allover the lake even at the middle part which you can sit on to rest if you get tired of swimming. We left earlier than others to go back to the viewing spot.

With the crowd out, we had all the space exclusively for us.

Just one of me. I know, I know, I'm blocking the best view ever..haha.

There_ the very scenic view of the blue lagoon of the Ph.

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