Sunday, October 17, 2010

Balinsasayaw Resort, Uson Island

Balinsasayaw Resort. For a while I got lost in the name of  this island resort that is opening soon before the year ends. Balinsasayaw is an exotic bird uniquely found in Palawan and has the ability to create its saliva into a nest. A kilo of its nest is priced from P20k to P200k or about $5,000. This nest is turned into an expensive, exotic soup dish which is very popular to the Chinese community.

Next, I got lost in the beauty of Balinsasayaw Resort. Outlined by the breathtaking sights of  marvelous islands, staying here would be a totally delightful experience. The resort would be a perfect jump-start to the rest of the Calamianes Group of Island which most of them are just across from the Uson Island where this resort is located.

Most of the cottages are strategically located at the uppermost parts of the island to fortify good viewing of the phenomenal islands around.

 The structure of the island resort easily reminded me of Balicasag Island in Bohol. Only, I haven't had the chance to check if the beachfront waters are snorkel paradise too like what Balicasag is famous for.
I would be glad to accept an invite to the opening of this potentially paradise resort when they officially open. Hello owners of Balinsasayaw Resort ! ! !


  1. hi! is the resort open already? Do you have the contact details?

  2. Hi, do you have any contact details of this resort?

    Please provide to help those who are interested like us :D.

    Thank you

  3. @May
    @Ocean Zone

    I'm sorry I don't have any contact nos of the resort. the owners of the resort had communicated w me thru Ascertain Bliss page at FB but that was history and lost any updates from them. Neither I'm informed if this resort had pushed thru w the opening. anyway, i'll try to ask a relative of the owners. let's see if she's going to reply. will post updates when connected.