Monday, September 27, 2010

Full Moon at Makinit Hot Spring, Coron

After unnecessary lingering in our room, we decided to check Coron Town and see where we could start off. It was not a weekend and not even a peak season but I saw a lot of  local tourists and foreigners too. We decided not to go with the normal tide which was to avail a town tour with Mt. Tapyas ( a 700+ steps mountain trail) as a kick off and after which to go straight to Makinit Hot Spring to ease body pains from hiking up the summit of Mt. Tapyas. We decided to do it other wise to avoid crowded destinations.

We hired a local tricycle to go to Makinit Hot Spring for P300. If you are not under budget, you could avail of the package tour of P1500-P2000 per head which include transportation, entrance fees and snacks for Makinit and Mt. Tapyas.

On our way, we couldn't help but be amazed by the random sights of islands all over the town. We asked the trike driver for a little break for us to take photos.

Coron Town's soil is reddish and only a number of agricultural plants (like cashew) could thrive. It's endowed with minerals thu', like manganese.

In a short while, we reached our destination.

The pools were full so we ignored them first and headed to the sea. Makinit Hot Spring is quite unique in the sense that the source of  hot spring is coming ( from a volcano) under the sea. Later when we tried the pool. we realized that the water was salty.

Intricate mangroves roots frolicking on top of the red soil.

Across the sea was a nearer view of  Sleeping Giant which we first saw a lil' later outside our hotel window. Ofcourse, mountain shapes are always more deceiving farther. When you go nearer, real shapes show.

As it started to darken we decided to check the pool.

Oh my!! I envied the thickness of those skins for being able to dip in a 43dc hot spring pool. See_ I couldn't even get my toes in it. Cousin enjoyed foot soaking thu'.

Looking around I saw other envious activities such as foot massage and pedicure. Yees pedicure! I wonder where the cut nails were thrown.

I glanced back to the sea and saw wonderful thing was emerging. It was a full moon  and it was setting so pretty by the sea .

We were consumed by the beautiful sight of the full moon and was too late when we thought of taking photos of it. It was already hiding this way.

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