Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alma Mater Matters..

Few months back, I went to visit my alma mater. First time since I graduated from college decades ago. It's a shame that I'm admitting I haven't looked back ever since  Haven't attended a single class reunion or any alumni homecoming. I was so totally cut off. I blame it to the stage of life called "adulthood', haha. I was consumed and still is, by the challenges thereof _ careers, marriage, children and infinite whatnots. Some of my classmates, I got reconnected only through Facebook, just lately.

I entered the familiar gate of my youth and walked the same corridors my black school shoe used to walk on a daily basis decades ago. I saw nuns and uniformed girls who mobbed me with  flashed back memories.

drama. cut!!!

I reached my destination. The registrar. I just had to get some school documents that would support my present venture. Done in a minute.

By the way, I went with my girls. None of them go to this school, just so you know.We made a little tour. I thought this would give them a little glimpse of their mother's student life.

It used to be an exclusive for girls school during my time. Today, it's now an open gender school and already a university.

Before I bid goodbye to my alma mater once more, I dropped by the prayer room with my girls, the same one I frequented when I was a student here.. many many years ago.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crazy About The Hobbit

It all started with The Hobbit which they watched last X'mas holiday and fell in love with this pre-sequel of Lord Of The Rings. My girls couldn't get over it and had me dvd marathon-ed with them the trilogy..

..of LOTR : Fellowship Of The Ring, Two Towers & Return Of The King. We dedicated the recent weekends to be consumed by these 3 loong movies at home. Yes two days of LORT!!! Notwithstanding the fact that I had  seen them all in the theaters with husband on each actual showing.
Well now, blame me never if my Englishes gots my masters really confuses, haha.

Furthermore, my dreamy girls have raised the bar of their hobbit's craze. They are presently bugging their dad to bring them to The Hobbiton. Atleast, they want a promise from him. Not to make haste (haha, so hobbiton!), they can wait.
We all know that this location set is open to the public and offering Movie Set Tours for a fee ofcourse. In New Zealand. wt#???
In fairness to my girls, they know dreams come true. Their dad is actually currently based in this land of the hobbits.
So, maybe..

.. my girls' fingers are crossed. haha. Good luck my preeeciousss ( gollum??? )

p.s. in case you haven't seen this flight so full of hobbits, elves, dwarves, orcs && other LOTR characters