Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kudize To Nuffnang !!!

I went around Asia Pacific blogosphere and as expected_ found out that a huge percentage of postings were about each participant's share of experience of the recent Uniquely Singapore tour which commenced by the glitzy Nuffnang's Awards Night.

My brother, also a blogger, had also observed the overflowing analogous materials from the events and asked me if I were to post the same photos and texts, having been there myself.

The lazy me wanted to get smart-happy, appeased with the fact that everything was already written and presented anyway, and get on to the next extraneous topic.

But hey, the contributor in me appealed and is actually winning. At the most rate, the experience was actually personally endearing which left me no choice but to share them with you my blissful folks!

To begin with_ I'm so grateful to Nuffnang for including me to fly with the awesome Philippine delegates to Singapore ; kudize, applaud, clap-clap!!!

Coming up would be my own versions of the Nuffnang Singapore episodes last Oct.23-25, if only I could keep lid on from being a xerox copy to others. Well, let us see..on to the next post folks :))

ps: Ofcourse, Ascertain Bliss only houses destinations and accommodations, the rest of the experience would be available at my food and personal blogs as they pertain :)

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