Thursday, August 18, 2011

WIFi Bus

Oftentimes, when a road trip lacks sceneries on the side and everyone in the car is snoring except me and husband (driving). . I try to amuse myself watching cars infront of us.

One time, this bus caught my eyes. .

Jack Liner _ " the first wifi bus ". Aha, so buses now are wi-fied too! That's so nice. It surely beats the long boring trip on a bus. I haven't tried one yet. I wonder how it looks now inside that bus _ I imagine to see passengers glued on to their own screens_ facebooking, browsing the internet and whateves.
Chances are one or many of them would miss their final stop/destination. Worst if one of the passengers is a robber. Intentionally targeted the bus with the wifi cos obviously in there would be lots and lots of laptops, ipads, iphones _ wow that would be a robbery feast!
I wonder how does the bus manage the security then.?

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