Thursday, January 20, 2011

Darayonan, Coron Village Lodge and Mt. Tapyas Hotel

During our short trip to Coron Palawan_ we did stay in only two of the numerous hotels in town, yet we managed to pay sometime to take a look-see of other accommodations for future reference.
 In my archive, already you would find (click to see- - > ) Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites , Busuanga Island Paradise Resort and Coron Hill Top Hotel, Princess of Coron.
Those four are a bit pricey compared to the next set of hotels. So if you are under budget the following are pretty options for you to stay.


Darayonan is quite popular to the locals. Everyone there when asked to refer a place, he would mention Darayonan. The hotel's website is pretty impressive too.

A local tourist guide we met at the airport brought us there but we didn't like the place and so didn't stay there.

It has a pool. Who needs it when you are in the last frontier of P.I., with paradise-y ocean and lakes?

And no matter how hard the agent tried to convince us to stay here, we didn't. First of all, we wanted a fresh, clean and comfortable room with amenities. We were not so interested in outside-the room amenities/facilities which we didn't need cos we would be out sightseeing the whole day.
Darayonan was affordable but we didn't like the rooms. Sorry, was not inspired to take photos of the rooms which were lacking in style and imagination, and I didn't take any. They were just rooms, period. With beds, period. Square and nothing else.
In fairness, we went back to give this place another chance for us to like, the next day without the agent, but still didn't appeal to us. But well, to each his own. It might be your taste.


Just few steps from Darayonan, is  Coron Village Lodge. It is as popular as Darayonan and within similar room rates. The lodge has its rooms spread across the street where the annex buildings are located. The original building is old but interesting. That's where older rooms and the restaurant are located.

This was a room in the annex. It was nice, clean and cheap. We were counting on it to stay on our last day of Coron. We had ran out of resources then ( cash and complimentary stuff ) and sought for a practical place to stay. So on our way to an island tour, we dropped by and made a reservation of the room. when we came back in the evening after the tour, the staff failed to reserve the room for us and was already taken. We were offered another room in the old building. haay@@ !


I'm not sure how to categorize this hotel in terms of room rates. Let me say it's a median. Middle of Coron Gateway hotel and Darayonan. I actually like this hotel. Cuzin' Che hated the uphill location which I liked so much. The ocean/island view was beautiful at the uppermost part of the building which was a restaurant of the hotel.

We found this hotel after climbing Mt. Tapyas. It was located right at the bottom of the mountain, I think?

That's why I guess I asked brother to take a photo of us here. To establish the Mt. Tapyas location of the namesake hotel. But failed!!! hahaha! This was part of the hotel's backyard. I think the background was a portion of the mountain (Tapyas).

We didn't get to stay here too. We were paid a show room and well, the rooms were neat and nice. Maybe next time. There I got the contact nos.

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