Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Noel Bazaar 2011 (part 2)

It's Dec.1.2011 today in P.I., only 24 days to count before the big day. For the record, let this be my first season's greetings to you : Merrieeeeeeeeeest Christmas to you all!!!!!!!!!!!.

Anyway let's continue our bazaar hauling at Noel Bazaar 2011. This reminds me to look for the  stubs ( halves were given back to the patrons at WTC )  to be used as entrance tickets if they want to re-enter the same bazaar on different dates at a different venue (PICC Forum Tent).

I don't know, if the same outlets here would be exactly the ones that would be there also. But we're planning to comeback to check other booths that we missed.

pretty ballerina accessories holder.

sashay with this colorful branded overruns scarves at P200 each.

contact lens. . hmmm. .

movie star Kristine Hermosa? haha. this was so last year. Found this photo from my old album of the same bazaar. I didn't recognize her at first glance cos she was so much slimmer in person. Here she was X'mas shopping in the same bazaar. hmmm.

Going back to the present. . found my girls in a queue for what??

. . for a scoop of icecream only P10, haha.

men apparels, also selling for cheap price tags

daughter particularly liked one of these umbrellas_ the one designed as samurai spade. She didn't buy, she didn't like the . . price:)))

shorts.shorts. I'm taking a short cut to end this post. haha.
Well, go visit a bazaar now and enjoy a cheap thrills.
p/s : to our friends and family, don't worry we didn't buy gifts from here, haha. We don't want our gifts with price tags, right?

#updates : it has been a year. jump here for Noel Bazaar 2012!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Noel Bazaar 2011 ( part 1)

Last leg of the "ber" months before the Christmas month comes in and as usual_ already bazaar expos are left and right around our country. I know my friends have been in and out of bazaars since the first ber month of this year, this one was only my second (at the Fort bazaar last weekend). But I've kicked myself out of the shoppaholic league long time ago. My girls are now the ones pulling me to bazaars for their cheap trips out of their savings/allowances.

This was at the Noel Bazaar 2011 at WTC. Compare to last year, the lobby was relatively under decorated this year.

Inside, the aisles weren't crowded yet cos we were early. The crowd tripled thu' after 3 hours and walking between the aisles became a struggle. The latter would be exactly our cue for ending this expedition.

Where else  branded overruns sold best but here.

Definitely you can't wear them here at P.I.!!! But for those based overseas with seasons not limited to dry & wet such as ours, gooo fill-in your cart with these_ I bet they are all good buys.

Trendy shoes at P250???? Daughter wanted to buy, but they're kindah  doubty? Don't you think so?

The other daughter wanted these so bad! Look ok and with quality at 50%++ off the price. .but no other size available other than size 5!!! haha. She's 7-8.

I remember during the initial year of this Noel Bazaar, most booths were all managed/owned by celebrities. They themselves were present in the store to sell. This time, I only saw few booths with the name of celebrities but their goods were lame and forgettable. Except, I think, Francis M. stall with t-shirts already popular to his fans. Or was it the other t.v. station's bazaar? Cos this one I think was by ch. 7? Whateves! haha.

Printed mini dresses at P200. My daughter didn't miss a chance to grab some of these. They were so cheap here. She was eyeing  the same design ( I'm sure not of same quality) at Rustan's but her budget failed her cos it was like P1.5 k - P3.5 k  there for a single dress. I think she wore one of them to school under a blazer to school today. She's going to hate me for disclosing this to you , haha.

I'm actually "bin' there done that" to those shoes and dresses. What tick me really in a bazaar like this are those organic foods and products that aren't easy to find in commercial groceries.. I'm quite serious in  procuring healthy supplies for my family.

However, I, with all the nurturing spirit that envelopes me, am still weak with woman nature towards beautiful things like these intricately, elaborately designed necklaces!! haha. Love to have one of these, they are soo artsy and would definitely enliven even the simplest  little black dress.  As usual my wallet failed me. Given the choice of materials and the craftsmanship capitalized on each of these, well don't expect them to be cheap.

Lotsa make-up on sale for a grab. These Nyx collection grabbed my girls' attention thu'. Why? Cos they read at Sab Magalona's blog that she's using lipstick of this brand and ofcourse wanted the same piece. Fanatic! haha.

Lots and lots of goodies but I gotta run for now and cut this post here. If you're having fun with this bazaar peek, you can pay me a visit later after other posts (haha) when I re-energized myself for a part 2 of this.
Meanwhile look who scored the most  ???


Not me and the younger daughter. . can you spot any proof?

Gotcha!!! That eco bag in her shoulder was loaded with trinkets. While the other daughter was happy with her single purchase.

#updates: it has been a year. jump here for Noel bazaar 2012!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manila Bay Cruise

I availed dinner cruise for my family for P38/pax. You read it right_ thirtyeightcheapopesos!!! ( thousand consumers echoed me, I gather from the store how huge is the number of buyers who availed this promo)

I got the deal from one of the voucher stores massively mushrooming over the net. The deal was actually P188/pax, details included a 1 hour cruise over Manila Bay and a dinner plate. It was 66% off the published rate, you do the math, ok? I got P38/pax cos the store had a joining promo of P150, automatically given upon signing -up. So each of us used each one's P150 gift and only paid the balance - P38 pesos. Why not? You couldn't even buy a decent bottled water for P38 pesos in the mall these days.

No, that's not our boat.

We were on board one of Sun Cruises ferries _ the M/V Spirit. We actually spent some waiting time watching the other boat beside us, consumed by jealousy of its buffet spread, haha.

I had to constantly reminded my family : hello people, 38 pesos, no expectations pleazee!!!!

When the boat started to move, the waiters started to serve the food too. For starter, they served water-clear soup and it tasted as bland as H20 also, haha. The main dish was sooo P188 (see actual image above)_ 1 cup of rice, a piece of fish fillet and a deck of card meat. No expectation!! My girls were whispering: " mom, could we drive thru at McDo after this?", haha.
And oh, you have to buy your drink ofcourse. They were not even serving drinking water. So it was kindah compulsory.

If not only for the MOA lights. .

. . and very few hotels around the bay, the cruise was totally boring. Mostly, it was darkness that enveloped the sea. Added insult to injury was the fact that we availed the cruise right after Manila Bay area was hit so bad by the typhoon Pedring and most establisments here were somehow washed out ( this was 2 months ago).

We took the latest cruise of the night which was 9:15 pm. I guess the best time would be during the sunset which as expected was already fully booked when I did the reservations. As ever, the famous Manila Bay sunset remains to be a sight to behold.
At any rate, with P38, it's just fair to say that we got the best of this deal.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turi Beach

After the rainy beach restricted half day at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort (Indonesia), and the sun started to be a bit friendly, bestfriend  suggested that we jumped to Turi Beach which welcomes the guests and residents of  the first beach resort. These two famous Batam resorts belong to the same company. Both are famous on each own right.

If you were coming from Nongsa Point Resort, there's an access walk through by the beach.

Connect the previous photo to this, can you get the picture? Our goal was to reach that jetty, can you spot it? That jetty  was our landmark of Turi Beach by the sea side. Look, there was a couple walking ahead of us. The couple I assumed was also a guest of Nongsa Point M&R and like us chose to beach around Turi too.

Can you spot us (camouflaged by the trees) walking through the walk way. It was like approximately a 15 minutes walk to Turi but it was okey cos we enjoyed the scenic view of the ocean along the way.

Entering Turi Beach, we managed to get ahead of the couple we saw previously ahead of us on the walk way. Hmm, maybe slowed down by sweet nothings, haha.

I changed my sweaty top and underneath I put on a swimsuit in case the weather continued being friendly, so we could enjoy a swim even in the pool only.

People who have been here were right_ Turi Beach got prettier (than Nongsa Point M&R) swimming facilities like the beautiful double pools behind me with an infinity one.

Ofcourse I jumped in the water right away. . only to be cut abruptly by the  return of the rain. I'm okey swimming under the rain but when the water got cold. .brrrrI'm outta here!!!

When the rain ceased again, we spent the rest of the day touring around the resort.

The beach, especially during high tide was definitely not the best feature of the resorts here in Batam, Indonesia. Well, my basis was short listed thu' by only these two resorts. So, Outside Nongsa Point Resort and Turi Beach, I don't know.

But the sea was stunning, the underwater  nature wealth was visibly clear even with naked eye top view. The resort facilities were also awesome.The fusion of modern and traditional room accommodations is interesting.

The Riani Wing (behind me) features  Balinese accommodation with traditional teak and thatched roof. It's cheaper than the other type of accommodation in the resort.

The Tirta Wing offers modern rooms and located just right beside the Emerald pool. This is more expensive and newer than the Riani Wing.

Time to check the jetty we had seen even from a far. It said 220 meter away.

Hmmm, maybe 10 minutes walk?

Halfway there was an island bar.

From this bar you could indulge with this view.

I actually stopped here and didn't pursue getting there at the farthest end. I just let my lens worked from this end.

Lemme end this super photo loaded post here. The rest was nothing but tracing back our way to Nongsa Point Marina & Resort again.