Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tribal Sidewalks

In Davao City, I bought my girls' tribal collection from the side walks right beside the People's Park. I'm not sure if it's an everyday thing to find them in the streets but I think it was only because of the current festival being celebrated at the time of my visit.

Although these tribal trinkets were being sold gypsy-cally  in the side walks, the trademarks were imminent _ drumbeats, dread lock hairstyled, tattooed and xl hole ears pierced artists /vendors. Exactly the same characteristics I gathered from other stores which I found some in the beaches or markets of different islands in the country. See other stores here and here.
I reckon, the artists and sellers of these trinkets might be members of one tribe or religion as they manifest the same characteristics.Or is it just another fashion culture in this side of the universe? I'm not sure.

It must be because of the location that goodies here were sold cheaper than the ones in a fixed store. I guess that's given.
My girls were happier that I brought home more when I came from Davao. Ofcourse, it was cheaper so I bought 2x lot more than I usually do.

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