Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites

Before I resume with my island tour, let me share you one of the best places to stay in Coron Town, which I personally conclude as one of the only two luxury hotels in town _ Coron Gateway Hotel .The other one I'm referring to is the Coron Hilltop View Resort which you could visit here later.

The facade was quite deceiving in a less attractive way. Maybe because the building hasn't reached its final construction yet. But the potential is very evident of becoming a full pledge beauty_ maybe on our next visit?

The big catch was the view of the majestic islands, available 24/7 over the window and terrace of our room.. On our second day, we woke up so early at dawn (before 5am) , and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the islands surrounding us.

The rooms were fairly awesome too.

It's the more expensive room we didn't take..

brother at the sofa, catching a loss sleep the night before

We stayed in the second best room.

this is how mess-up a room could get over our stay 

the safe inside our messy closet

The big misfortune was the room got everything we needed : mini bar, t.v., aircon , safety deposit box, roomy closet, comfy beds, state of the art bathroom and a lot more. Yes it was so sad to leave the room cos it was so nice to stay inside but Coron is meant to be experienced!

My favorite part of the room actually was the bathroom. Almost occupying better half of the room, it has a Japanese sliding wall which could be opened if privacy wasn't an issue when relaxing on the tub. I guess the scenario calls for a couple honeymooning or if you have small kids staying with you, you could watch them taking a bath/playing on the tub over a magazine or a t.v. program, while sitting on the sofa or on the bed.

Well, bottom line is_ yes it's compromising to savor the nature drops of beautiful Coron by leaving a comfy hotel room as such everytime, but it completes the whole experience.
The staff was so great. Best ever! And the manager was so generous,. They surely made our stay so calling- for- a- repeat visit.


  1. Nice! The place looks cozy, clean, and spacious. You'll definitely enjoy the view back there. It's categorized as a 4-star hotel in Palawan. How much does the rate of their rooms cost anyway?

  2. @Manila Hotels
    room rates range from close to P6k to P10k. In Coron Town, not including those 5 stars island/beach resorts outside town, I think (as of my visit)it's the most expensive and the newest then.

  3. Wow, Coron is such a paradise! ;) My 2 lady friends & I will be visiting it soon (Jan. 2-5, 2012)... any suggestions on how to have a really great vacay, accommodations, best local meals, places to visit...

    Kjun of Cavite

  4. @ Kjun,
    Coron stays on top of my fave destinations in the country.
    i have tons of Coron posts here and in my food blog.
    you can check my labels at the side bar (on your left facing the monitor)and look for Coron, click the magic word and you're in for endless Coron. As for Coron food and dining, you could jump to my food blog - My 3rd & 7th Sense ( do the same.check my labels there and click Coron.