Friday, June 26, 2009

FromTagaytay To Talisay, Batangas

Getting down to Talisay, Batangas from Tagaytay is a scenic treat in itself. We were in a hurry to get to the town that left me no choice but to just take photos while the car was mobile. Well, they turned out ok anyway. I don't know the name of the zigzag road which is quite narrow and steep but the road side sights are wonderful.

The town of Talisay is already very visible to this level. Aside from the town being known for the Taal Volcano on eye level sight, Talisay is also known as the producer of fresh tilapia fish being harvested from the Taal Lake.

I felt that this zigzag road, although shorter than the one we used to pass in Quezon, was dizzier to get through. But worth enough to compromise for the beautiful mountain views.

Then, you would know you get there when Taal Volcano is already at eye level sight and beach resorts facing the smallest volcano in the Philippines, are proudly parading themselves to make invites to the guests passing by. Welcome to Talisay, Batangas!

Monday, June 15, 2009

LakeView Suites, Tagaytay

Nestling on the side ridge of Tagaytay road, LakeView Suites is a white elephant. Huge compare to most hotels in this mountain. It is Korean owned.

Although, they were already accomodating stay-in guests,the hotel was running on a dry-run yet. There were phases of the place that were not finish yet. Like a building or two more.

Later we learned from one of the family owners that there were units for sale too. We saw some Koreans residing in the place.

There was no restaurant yet. They offered a common kitchen with complete cooking facilities, foc. A spacious common dining room awaited those who wanted to eat inside the premise.

If you frequent Tagaytay, you must know your way tot eh best dining corners of the city which are all a minute away from each other. The city offers a wide gastronomical experience. It's one of the best place to go if you're in for a food trip.

Always, I have a good feeling with new place. It doesn't matter to me if the service and facilities are not in full blast yet. I'd rather enjoy the privacy of a new place sans long queue of crowds_ usually a situation to bear in a well established, popular places.

New equals to clean plus fresh plus hygienic plus space equals I love brand new hotel !!!!

Each room was fully furnished with beautiful furniture and high tech appliances. Interior designed unique from one another.

The one we stayed in had a pretty veranda with breath taking view . . . .

couldn't wait to take a splash . . . .

But above all, LakeView is about the breathtaking view of Tagaytay.

To fully indulge our eyes, we went up to the roof top deck (so huge!) which was connected by a hanging bridge to another deck of the other building.

The wind was blowing strong at this point but it was all worth it when we laid our eyes to mother nature gift to this land.

Piece of heaven on Earth. :D


Piece of heaven on Earth. :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hotel Dominique, A Home in Tagaytay

Hotel Dominique says it's your home away from home. Yes, why not?. We experienced the place over weekend of this summer. The facade of the hotel was a small restaurant with a smaller frontdesk for the guest checking-in. I was surprised to find out that at the back of that unassuming building are hotel houses which look like you're inside a village. Swiss like villas standing pretty yet silent.

Things we liked about the place :

Literally, it felt like you were just in your own house. Each villa had own garage where you could park your car straight from the entrance of the hotel. There was a little backyard and a terrace. We stayed in a casita and felt like we own the place. We loved the privacy.

There was a pool, but Tagaytay was too cold that day for swimming outdoor. Yet, my younger daughter didn't care about the temperature. She wanted to swim so she swam alone.

They have pretty event hall for weddings and other events.

Things we didn't like about the place :

The breakfast was a big disappointment. A boring plate of slices of white bread, cold scrambled egg, a pocket of butter and a slice of watermelon.
The other time we stayed at Taal Vista, paid the same rate ( discounted) as here but the experience was way above board. Especially the complimentary buffet breakfast.

The room was nice and spacious but we hate how the comforters smelled. Seemed like had not gone to the washer for quite sometime.

We didn't try the gameroom, it was dark and located at the basement of the front building.

Let's Go Easy, Let's Go To Picnic Groove

Picnic Groove is the most common ( it's pang masa) place to go in Tagaytay. It's for a day tour visit with your family, before or after you do your fresh green goods marketing in this highland. It's a park with the best view of Taal Volcano spreads all over the place while you enjoy family activities.

A tent and a mat to enjoy a snack camping on the grass if you're not keen on renting a cottage.

Otherwise you could rent a cottage for the day which is actually cheap.

The cottage comes with bbq facility which is very useful like what we did last time. We brought a packed lunch with marinated meat and had them all grilled on the spot.

The windy weather favors the kite flyers. There are also vendors inside the park who sell colorful kites.

For the brave ones, there's the cable car and for the braver ones_ zip lines for you!

Horse back is favorite of my younger daughter.

Just can't stand the smell at this horse area of the park.

Walking on the hanging bridge is also a nice time killer in the park. With the scenic view of the famous Taal Volcano ofcourse!