Friday, August 26, 2011

Littered Beach

 Not all beaches are created equally for swimming and sun worshiping. . True story.

One faithful weekend in Nasugbu Batangas, during  our crazy beach hopping, we landed on this dark mocha almost black beach. . .

From this angle, the beach looks normal even smooth. I wouldn't mind the color, I'm not at all racist anyway,.. if only. .

. .the beach was atleast. .

unlittered with plastics, plastics, plastics!!!! omg!!! What's happening in this side of Batangas. Don't they care at all to our mother nature. All right, beach goers here must be so unattached  and thought this beach as a garbage zone. Curse them if you must. But how about the local authorities here?? Any concern?? Or atleast those resort owners nestling fronting this beach. . Beach resorts in this area are not high-end alright, but I don't think a garbage-full beach is alright to any type of resorts.
Is the "tapat ko, linis ko" campaign not working here, obviously.

Walking few feet ahead, there was a net fishing scene. .

. . and horses walking by. .

Assumed elements that this beach is not made for swimming. Away from my eyes husband and kids joined the rest of the group who drunkenly swam over the black sea. The moment they touched the water, their legs were bitten by some angry-sea-creatures.

Everyone jumped out of the sea.

Nonetheless, I was able to steal a dramatic sunkissed photo scenes in a little corner off the littered beach.
If you you want to enjoy Nasugbu beaches, make sure to drive furthermore to here and here, those two would be your starting point to better beaches in this province.

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