Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flying Fish, Boracay

Not yet fully recovered from the excitement of parasailing, we headed straight to our next selves-induced challenge of the day _ the flying fish - an amphibious air-cushion vehicle (ACV), being towed by a high speed boat.

Have you tried one? It was our first time so the thrill was still up on a larger margin, compared to the now to us the boring- banana boat.

getting ready . .

We held our grips so tight in anticipation of what to come. . but hey, don't you forget, on the next tumble & rumble photos_ we were actually on it !, unseen at the other side, shouting our lungs out with thrills. Here we go . .

ok. already we were not visible, look the fish was starting to positon itself upright . .

omg ! it was now officially vertically dancing from side to side ! ! remember, we were on it ! ! more shouts ! ! louder shouts ! !

ok.ok ! we could recover from that ! !

relax. a lil' sailing. . look the white structure at the beach was our hotel

still sailing . . .

the clouds were pretty. . .

tryin' to look pretty . . .

getting bored. . bianx shouted : hit us one big time manong ! ! !

Manong with big ears, heard Bianx plea and tumbled our fish vigorously . . until we shouted NO MORE ! ! !

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Parasailing at Boracay

It was raining when we woke-up on our second Bora day. This was the day when most of our air-water activities were scheduled. Good thing, we did the helmet diving on the first day which was sunny and no rain. I was just thinking, had we done the diving this day _ rain drops might stir off the sea and the view under would get blurred _ hahaha! whateves !

I looked outside and saw people not affected of the rain. Lots were swimming and water activities were goin' pretty hectic.

Just right on cue, after breakfast, the rain stopped and we went on with our first challenge of the day. The parasailing ! - the sport of soaring while harnessed to a parasail that is towed by a motorboat, or other fast-moving vehicle, from which one often releases oneself to float freely.

We changed boat twice. First boat sent us to the middle of the sea station where we waited for our second boat which brought us further to where we held the parasailing.

After signing the waiver, the staff prepared us with some quick tutorial do's and don't's of parasailing. We wore life vests and belts that would attach us to the parachute.

two other girls waiting for their turn

The parachute was now ready to take us up ! ! !

The equipment was ready, quite not us ! We were still throwing nervous questions even when we were already moving up ! hhahah!

Then we started to elevate from the sea level. We felt the air brushing our legs. A staff had to shout out that we could now move our legs, hahaha! Because up to that level, we were so tense, our legs were still straight forward the way they were on initial position .

up . . .

up. . .

and away ! ! !

It was so nice up there. Not frightening at all as we were expecting it. It was serene and we were able to enjoy the Boracay sceneries on bird's eye view.

soaring higher. . .

and higher. . .

We felt a lil' colder at one point so we did some hand signals to stop sending us higher.

Then it was time . . to land. We were shouting that we wanted more time up there. But time was up! We were pulled back . . sigh .

found in every boat we rode

Abrupt ending of the climax scene . . hehe ;D

It was great ! ! !

Friday, May 28, 2010

Astoria, Boracay

We couldn't be happier about our accommodation at Boracay. We stayed at Astoria which was still on its soft opening. the newest resort in station one.

luv the pandan welcome drinks

The location_ in the mouth of station one and at the rear end of station two, was just so right for us who love the whiter sand beach of station 1 and excited about the water sports/bars happenings on station two.

my niece, her 1st time at Bora got mesmerized by the beautiful beach

Cuzin's choice was a poolside room so the kid could swim anytime to her heart's delight. That was not so honest, cos the truth was . .

. . we were the ones who stayed longer in the pool, almost fell asleep in the water, hahaha! !

wifi and cable tv

she didn't want to leave the comfort of our room

we almost missed the mini bar/ref which was zen hidden under a table top

Our room was minimalist and zen like. Everything in there suited our resort needs.

the closet was too roomy thu'  for our skimpy clothes, happy w the safety deposit box for our valuables

generous supplies of bath needs

The bath room was also zen with modern bath wares. Bath supplies were generously provided.

Outside our door, clothes dryer bars could be found. .how thoughtful !

Although the hotel resort was just on its soft opening, and some amenities were still to be set up, I could already say that this one is a top notch. The service was excellent and most all we love the smell of the room ! Hope they would be able to maintain everything clean and fresh the way we experienced it.

The resort manager, Mr. Danny was so sweet to give us a complimentary buffet dinner by the beach ( see at my food blog My 3rd & 7th Sense ) and a port transfer. Astoria, Boracay ! We will surely want to stay again here on our next Bora visit. Highly recommended !