Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art On the Wall

note: each photo at its best when click to enlarge

Graffiti _ often regarded as vandalism or trash on the wall. A crime to the eyes of the owner of the wall.

But to me, another bystander who is looking at these walls, they are amazing art creations. Turned boring blank walls into interesting windows of awesome colors and images.

I am a sucker of art works_ in any form. I guess, you can call me by my other name - frustrated artist .

I'd like to believe that it runs in the family. Not that of being a frustrated one, that of feeling being an artist.
Childhood at home with my parents and a brother, creating art stuff was a norm as the other children of the neighborhood played with bought toys.

Today, my own girls show art inclinations on their own. Some of the influences, apart from the genes, are nature parks, beaches, vacations in rustic hometown, art museums, theaters, exhibits, galleries _ we frequent together as they grew up until today.

I love graffiti art, just make sure not to do it on my walls or else. . . . . :)))

Thursday, February 18, 2010

3D's On the Side Walk (part 1)

Ever came across with this amazing 3D chalk guy ?
His works never stop painting my face in owe.
This guy is truly gifted with capital G.
Check these out :
note : captions are not of the artist, but from my crazy- corny mind

realize that the only life form here is the baby

now, I'm beginning to be tad confused. those two men, are they drawings or what?

waaaahhhhh !!!!!!

winged creatures planted on the ground


the world is his oyster, the girl is a fairy in jeans?

mirror, mirror on the ground.. why do I look old on you?

up on the roof top, down there everything is tiny

cellphones, buildings?

take a dip with her

you can do it dude!!!

That's all for now folks.
If you promise to come back tomorrow, I promise to post more of his works.
See you then.
I'm so sleepy now..
Gudnyt :D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Come To Think Of It

A good friend emailed these photos to me. I thought I had enough of planets and heavenly bodies in my college Astrology. Once or twice I heard my youngest kid memorized the names of the planets and that's it.

But hey, try to look at these images. You may realize something you take for granted.

look how tiny our home planet compare to other planets

now, look at the planets compare to mother sun

while I thought the sun is the biggest thing in the universe, here come other bigger stars

and come more huge stuffs in the universe

infinite universe

How humbling to know how small we are when in fact most of us look at themselves as the big ones. Come on .. time to wake up !!! To others you don't even exist. Stop fooling yourself.

It pays to be humble. Know your place in the universe.

God Bless.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Every One

Happy CNY
and Happy V- Day !!!!!

Feb. 14.2010

- click play to see greetings -

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Summer Sailing at Taal Lake

A wider degree of separation has been the scale, when it comes to lifestyle, between people who can afford to have a sailboat and the middle class. Many of us who have been derided by the lifestyle of the rich and famous, chartering the unknown places, island hopping and wine sipping under the sunset, thus accepting it as an impossible and only a recreation for the elite.

I was invited by my Japanese friend Toshi Takagaki San, to visit his business place in Balas, Taal Batangas.

A night before the visit, I was crammed to read Photography tips for shooting from rocking boat to have a good exposure, and the right shutter speed to avoid blurring. Luckily I had a lot of unread eBooks that had tips on it for my disposal. I’m a beginner in photography I must admit. But the Canon EOS DSLR I bought , really helps a lot and elevate my shortcomings to acceptable picture quality that those pro may laugh about.

When I arrived at the place I met Engr. Tato Bautista, a mechanical engineer who shares the same passion with Toshi San.

Tato, a Pinoy Engineer really struck my curiosity that I was too eager to tell him that I am really a frustrated Naval Architect and once had dreamt to design yachts.
He unveiled one of the 3 Sailboats he built.

Her name is Angelika, model VG20 a 20 footer mono hull sailing cruiser. Tarpaulins were fully unveiled and I said wow! “you built this?. “Yes, and that one too”! as he was pointing to a 22 ft Catamaran with broken mast. What happened to her? Well I need to reinforce the material of the Main Mast, terrible wind hit her directly, so maybe you can just take snapshots on Angelika and by next week you came here.,It will be done repairing.. “Ive heard that Catamaran runs 14Knots(14 Nautical Miles per hour) that’s amazing(I can’t hide my enthusiasm).

She was helped by a Nissan 4X4 pickup truck to launch again to Lake water of Taal. We set all the gears, we harness her sails, booms and all lashing needed to sail her. And out we shove off to the middle of the lake and shoot her with lots of snapshots from my Canon EF-250mm lens. Viewing the snapshots at my camera LCD panel, I was mesmerized, no doubt sailing can be a real fun!.

Kids like Nami(daughter of Toshi) a 7 year old kid who likes to sail and one day continue his father’s dream to sail and enter the Americas cup. The Honda Sailing team which Toshi joined had failed to enter. I can see her smile at my Camera and it was fun photographing her face and her funny front teeth.

After filling my 3 memory cards of snapshots, I finally got to try and earn my free Sailing lesson to VG20 Angelika. Well, I will just need few pointers, I myself is a water person, I grew up with the sea and had made fishing a living once. So everything is pretty easy for me. But sailing doesn’t end how to control just the rudder. But its how to synchronize wind direction and slips sliding the wind in the sail and propel the boat effectively. That was sail racing is all about. At the end of the day, it just left me with more enthusiasm and dream to build my own boat someday.

I began to realize that no matter how poor you are or unhappy with your earnings you shouldn’t stop finding your way for a recreational fun you have been dreaming about. Bliss of joy has been taking my every Sunday of the week, coding the web pages for Joomla and editing the pictures of boat I took from Balas, Taal. At the same time I have been practicing my Photography assignment right on Taal shore.

I hope that ascertaining this bliss that I’ve magically found will fit my friends Blog. She’s been waiting for these for a long time.

by: Cornelio Cenizal
repost from My Simple Odd Mind