Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mandaue-Mactan Bridge

We passed this bridge on our way to Cebu City coming from Mactan. No, we didn't take any stop-over here. Obviously seen in my photos (up and below), I took them while mobile.

It is the newer Mandaue-Mactan Bridge which is otherwise named as Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge. Looking over to your right or left (depends which way you are heading to_Mactan or Cebu ), you could take a glimpse of the older bridge which is very much still at works and quite busier than the newer one.

Shanty houses afloat the sea.

Less than hour later, we were at Cebu City already. Up at the Crown Regency Towers to try the sky rides, I spotted the beautiful bridge.

Can you spot it? It's that long stretch line at the end before the ocean. haha. Sorry I didn't have proper lens to serve a better shot.
Anyway, one thing is sure _ if you arrived at Cebu via Mactan Airport and you would be heading to Cebu City, you would definitely pass thru this bridge.
One structure Cebu has the right to be quite proud of. I heard there's a park/shrine underneath the bridge which I would have wanted to take a look if only my marathon visit to Cebu was accommodating of extra spot.

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