Saturday, June 13, 2009

Villa De Oro, Tagaytay

Another random trip to Tagaytay made me discovered a beautiful place to stay. A trip with my forever childhood friends_ the whole clan of Macalintal.
Led by my bffs Icor and Raisa (from the clan), it was spontaneous with no specific direction to hit when we left Manila at 10 am. Four cars convoyed to nowhere.
Majority won. Our children outnumbered us, the parents, the unwilling victims /adults. We spent the whole day trekking the minors trail. The zip lines ride, horseback riding, cable car_ all for these spoiled creatures of the day.
Parents loved their children. Unconditionally. drama effect.
Until the sky turned dark and nobody, adults and kids alike wanted to go down to Manila. The decision was unanimous. We were going to stay overnight.
But hey, big problem with capital C (cash?? hehe!), we didn't have reserved accommodation. It was peak season. The hotel were full. Besides, we were a big bunch. Loaded on three cars, we were quite a number to behold.
Ting*. An angel Raisa saved the moment. She knew a place that would accommodate us. It was a tad late. It was after we had our late dinner. She made a call (the place was ran by nuns and priest ) and got positive reply.
The place was called Villa De Oro.
We entered a big gate which was dark . We went straight to our assigned room and slept the rest of the long day.

When the sun brightly smiled to us in the morning, everyone was surprised by the beauty of the place.

The kids were nowhere in sight inside the house. Someone said, all of them woke up earlier than us adults and ran to the pool.

As for us_ the moms, we checked each rooms of the house. And got fascinated by the antiques.

This is the master bedroom. One of the only three rooms of the house and the only one that has airconditioning. The other two are dormitory like rooms with five double decker beds that each room can acommodate up to ten pax. Both are non- aircon and have electric fans only. The rooms are all neat and span. Beddings smell good. Notice the age and materials of the room.

The old century detailed attitude is consistently evident all throughout the house. Old chairs with antique intricate designs, sit pretty along the corridor.

Side and coffee tables adorned with century old sculpture creations.

There are three living rooms in the villa, adjacent to each other. Each has a character of its own. I wish I could remember my Art history lessons so I could identify to you the age and description of each item. But sorry, my Art brain storage is no longer active at this point of my existence_*raised one eyebrow , wink*

There is a quarter sun room which cuts the other living room from the other one. Don't be deceived, the bird is fake and is just a statue. The girl? She's my daughter playing mannequin.

All three living rooms are accessible through the dining room with working kitchen.

We stepped out of the house and started to explore the rest of the resort. From the entrance, the house where we were staying was just right beside the gate. The drive way led to a pagoda.

The pagoda is multi purpose and can hold a number of people. We had our breakfast there.

Villa de Oro was one beautiful garden, adorned with grottos, huge jars, colorful flowers, interesting plants and trees. It is after all well known as wedding and other events venue

There's a chapel for Catholic weddings and for non-Catholics, they could opt to have an open garden wedding ceremonies.

There are two pretty reception halls which I think can be turned as one depending to the number of guests.

I surely want to go back for a longer stay next time :D




  1. Hello Miss Monik. I featured your blog on Villa De Oro's Fan Page. I hope it's okay with you :) & i'm really glad you and your family were able to experience the astonishing environment of VDO. We'll hope to see you there soon. Thank you!