Monday, September 20, 2010

Pinky ARMM, Maguindanao

Another vast structure in this side of Mindanao had snapped my fancy.

It was the ARMM in Maguindanao.

It was huge, pretty in pink and empty. Again, I had no source to know why it seemed like another abandoned structure. There were no people, not even a guard in the gate. Cousin (fr Cotabato) said it used to be where ex ARMM Gov. Datu Zaldy Ampatuan held his office.

It was monumental. Almost looked like an airport to me, you know almost as big as one of our terminals in Paranaque in Manila.

Without any serious harm intention, just pure souvenir photos, we decided to go up the main building to have a better view of the place.

On my left, facing the main highway road, was an annex building which purpose I had no way to know. Next to it  was another building which seemed to be a garage/parking for construction vehicles.

On my right facing the same road was another annex building. Not in photos, at the near right, almost beside this main building was a gymnasium or could pass as a coliseum cos of its size.

From where I was standing, was the main entrance of the seemed to be the main building. Although it was still considerable beautiful structure, "abandoned" is the best word to describe it.

Aside from the absence of people, there were deserted manifestations.

My growing curiosity couldn't keep my eyes to the outside anylonger so I tried to peek a little inside. I was not sure, but look_ seemed like a t.v. and someone was watching!

This is one vast beautiful structure that holds history of power. I wonder what's next for this pink elephant.


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  2. hi lydia, thanks for the visit and suggestion. will check it out later. hope to see you here again. have ever been here in the Philippines?if not, go, visit our beautiful country with 7,107 islands. :D