Monday, November 29, 2010

Pueblo por la Playa : Wet Beach

Pueblo por la Playa is H-U-G-E !!!! It's 12 hectares! Now I'm confused where to start.

Alright, let me start with the beach, where I spent the shortest time. It was the weather's fault. It was as uncoordinated with the beach like my swimsuit, haha.

Well, the weather was not that totally heartless.. the rain would stop for like 15 minutes then pour again for continued 20 minutes. The cycle went on for less than an hour we spent on the beach.

At first drops, we would run to the shades...

sniffing negative ions, the secret for looking young, hahaha!  feeling!!! I hope not to sniff- in acid rains instead :)))

I'm not sure if it was only because of the rain, but I'd say the beach was not the resort's best asset. It's best assets I'd say are the infinity pools and the villas.

The sand showed up its true colors when it got wet.


  1. hi ms mylene, really read your blogs about more than a year already an really gave me a tips on where to visit the nearest from Manila or cavite.. I'm a travel blogger also but i just document for personal but sometimes there are readers who dropby also. As for this pueblo por playa, i really wanna try this. i know is a membership resort but can you give me some info if the resort can squeeze me in? in may 2010 I contacted them if they can accommodate my request for August booking. They grant it but i have to cancel it because of my SG and KL trip because of work. I would appreciate if you could send/share me some info for accommodation request. God bless n blog more.

    1. hello ms. pinayadventurer,
      thanks for following this blog.
      don't you know any member of pueblo la playa? cos a member's invite is the easiest way to get into the resort (other than being a member ofcors:)). my visit there was only a 3rd party extended invite. meaning, i didn't personally knew the member (only by name cos he's a government official) but was actually only thru a member's common friend.
      why not call the resort again and refresh/rebook your cancelled accommodation? i think they will grant you a chance again cos officially that will be your 1st visit (i heard no 2nd visit for non-members) otherwise you can ask another person to book for you under his name.
      ty and do drop by anytime.