Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Those Chairs @ Acasia Hotel

I frequent Filinvest (Alabang) cos I usually do weekly grocery in that area. For a certain period of passing in and out of the area, there was one establishment there that had never failed to catch my inquisitive eyes, the Acasia Hotel Manila. I would always roll down the car window and extend my neck outside  to have a good view of the attractive facade, stretching my glimpse right through the visible glass walled lobby.

The hotel is somewhat elevated from the road and really it's eye candy. Not so grand but very catchy. From the road, the low legged, full back, vibrant patterned upholstered chairs in the lobby_ looked so inviting.

So much so that I found my way to sit on one of them last weekend when finally I was able to use my almost over-due booking of a night stay in this 5 star hotel.

The chairs that got me there, are actually serving "The Lobby at Acacia", one of the restaurants in the hotel. But the initial smile on my face would turn to. . .

. . an impatient frown. Beforehand I actually requested for early check-in (just an hour earlier) cos we were caught on transit from a previous trip.

daughter fell asleep for the waits. When I approached the front desk to check-in, the staff told me that there was no room available yet. It was like past 1pm, ( I requested for 12nn to 1pm check-in at the reservations weeks ago) and I was told to just come back at 2pm which is ofcourse the regular check-in time.

other daughter diverted her disappointment to her book. The denied request had easily killed my enthusiasm about this beautifully chaired hotel.

A friend had stayed here last month and was in awe of the awesome grand lobby. I was consumed by initial disappointments and had no appetite to confirm her praises. I could easily be bought if the staff had initiate a little consolation like a complimentary/welcome drink or atleast offered me a place to wait. But no, nothing. Where's the 5star-ness there? I actually just sit on this chair (without being offered )  to wait which by this kind of situation appealed no more to me, the way they did when I used to pass by the road infont of this hotel.
I used to be a frontliner. 5 star hotels were my first job sites after college graduation. Aside from the pampering I had experienced with countless international hotels I had stayed during my trips. Those made me quite expecting as far as service is concern.  " First impression lasts". But I chose to move-on and so after an hour of waiting, I checked-in and left the disappointing reception in the lobby.
That says too why no awesome photos of the lobby.
Will share the room. Next.  

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