Sunday, October 23, 2011

Louis Vuitton Island Maison

I went to visit Singapore again last week and as usual amazed by the constant flowing of new establishments/attractions around the city. Before last week, I was there last February of this year too and prior to that a year gap before it and was surprised to find Universal Studios , Singapore already in full swing and the Marina Bay Sands with its stunning Marina Sky Park in full glory. I mean. .well, they weren't there yet on my last visit. The newest attraction then was the Singapore Flyer.
Exactly, why (however small Singapore is) I don't get tired of frequenting this city_ it always has something new to offer.

This time around_ I found the Louis Vuitton Island Maison floating at the waterfront of Marina Bay Sands promenade. It had its grand opening less than a month ago prior to my visit and therefore one of the newest establishments to date.It's not the first LV store in the city thu', it is actually the fifth. Needless to say_ it wasn't there yet 8 months ago during my visit before this.

looks more stunning at night.

I only made up to here, intentionally, haha. I heard how it's prettier inside..but hey I didn't want to torture myself by tearing my eyes looking on those LVs. I was 100% sure not buying and will not in the next 4 years, so why enter when not purchasing? bitter! haha.

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