Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Lil' Secret For You

Finally, we stayed at Mines View Park Hotel. . .

With the layers of mountains view and colder temperature than the downtown Baguio, as the hotel's best features_ we had a grand time staying here.

Yes, you guessed it right_ it's a bit higher end than most hotels in the downtown and sure is a bit expensive than many others and how on earth a mom (that's ME ofcourse:) with tight  household budget afforded to bring her family here? I'll let you in my little secret_ no, I was not able to get a blogger's invite, if I did I'm sure it wouldn't be family included.
Here's how :  Many weeks ago, I purchased a super discounted room rate, about 70% off. How about that! The deal made possible by Ensogo,Ph. Well you can do the same. They have great deals everyday.Sad to say this Mines View Hotel deal was sold out like a hotcake and obviously I was one of the lucky ones who availed it. Not too late thu'. You can still avail of interesting deals if you visit their site now.

Today's Deal: Only P150 for Basic Wheel Alignment or Brake Cleaning & Adjustment at Rapide Visayas Ave. branch only (valued up to P600) 

That's a great treat for your car and wallet as well,right? Each offer/deal goes for like limited hours only and first come first serve basis. Ofcourse, if you don't like this today's deal, don't buy it. You could just register and just buy next time if you want the deal . They offer variety. From food, travel, accommodation, salon, spa and who knows what next.  First step is to join them as member just by clicking the link I'm going to give you at the end of this post. No catch, nothing to pay for membership. I've been saving a lot from the deals I bought from them and so far I'm satisfied.

Now here's the link. Just give it a click :

Happy savings !
Ps: Hey come back later for a detailed post of Mines View Park Hotel, Baguio City.

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