Friday, November 19, 2010

Mines View Park Hotel

When you frequent a place, it becomes too familiar. Similar to a  more than 15 years marriage. Everything becomes routine and monotonous. But does the marriage doom to end for that issue alone? No! The couple finds ways to add spice and re-create to ignite the relationship based on the foundation of marriage which is love. I wish I could share you some from my personal book, but hey this is a travelogue. Sorry, that would be in another blog.
So I love Baguio. Many of us from the lands below this mountain city, I'm sure feel the same. So how do I keep my enthusiasm towards this uberly familiar place. I find ways. I re-create. I go to places, do things, eat food, I missed during my last visit. I re-discover, or take another shot of the things I enjoyed on my last visit.

We usually stayed in the downtown Baguio simply because it's near to everywhere else. Come to think of it, Baguio in any angle is actually near to everywhere else, hahaha! Anyway, we just want some change this time. So when the chance to stay at the upper Baguio was on the table, we grabbed it.Since it was all our first time to stay at Mines View Park Hotel, we were all excited.

The kids particularly enjoyed the ride going up to the garage lobby of the hotel. It was quite steep and they were shouting as if riding one of the carnival rides. The hotel was  near right  the Mines View Park. so you could imagine a little isolation at night.

my family's room

cousins' room

Each room was rightly for 4 pax. The rooms actually look bigger in the photos than they actually were. Yet they got everything we needed.

Coffee & tea facility - check. * these were inside the cabinet,why? Mini bar/ref - check. Safety deposit box - check.

LCD t.v. with cable channels - check. Wi-fi - check. * the signal was strong on the daytime, at night, the girls had to go down to the reception lobby to get connected. View - check. * over our window, thu' we're only on the 2nd level,  it was already fantastic. could be maximized if the glass windows were bigger. in my cousins' room, they see nothing but the roofs of the lobby building. choose your room location if you could.

Complimentary fruits - check. * fruit basket would be aptly for this cabin lodge hotel. Baguio has lots of  beautiful handcrafted baskets in all sizes. these lonely 3 fruits would make the guest feel extra special if served in a a little basket instead of the hospital feel of the disposable white plate. Spa - check. * we had not visited the spa of the hotel but there was. instead my too tired hubby opted for a room massage service. quite expensive for P700. most hotels charge only P500 for the same treatment.

When we entered the room, I had noticed that the room was not fully prepared for us. The comforters were not even placed on the beds yet. No towels. But everything was set right when we went back at night. The beds were made. with comforters_yes. Towel arrangement on the beds with complimentary goodnight drinks.

The girls enjoyed the hot choco before they went to bed.

They super love the weather here in Baguio especially in this upper woods side, it was much colder x nth times.

We were satisfied with their food at the resto cafe and the ambiance was nice. But I think it was small.

When we were about to check-out, there was a large group having a lunch buffet at the patio.

We were asked to transfer our car from the down below our room  garage to the front of the hotel. Moving our luggages to the car outside was a tad inconvenient. There was a nice hotel staff who assisted us thu', thank you very much!

Among all of these things, the view was the best treat ever. Heaven was just a glance a way.

And more than the place, it's actually the people you're with that makes a stay extra special.

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