Monday, November 15, 2010

Rain Falls at Kennon Road

It was raining when we hit the foot of Baguio City. Going up through the Kennon Road with rain waters cascading down the  roads from the rocky mountains was such a treat. Myriad of descending rain falls from one level of the zigzag down to the other was such a sight.

The kids had fun counting the random falls while we passed through them. There was this particular falls with current stronger than the others and when we passed through it the kids shouted excitedly as the car got a free shower wash!!!

Sudden tears of rain water falls cascading down the slopes of the vast mountains looked so amazing.

Until we reached the iconic lion's head and I was silently hoping the kids won't request for a photo stop and have our nth pictures taken. . .

. . .ah well..ok, we stopped. Atleast the lion would be able to track how older/taller the kids became through  similar shots in the same spots. Same thing with the elders, I guess? And yes, did you notice? . . the rain had stopped too. Seemed like the weather willingly cooperated to commence our annual visit to the city of pines.

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