Monday, March 7, 2011

Gmax Reverse Bungee

Omg nth times!!!  Imagine yourself on that capsule, soaring the sky up to 60m and speeding up to 200km/h.

The G-Max is a steel, open-air capsule, which can seat 3 people. This three-seat capsule is suspended between bungee cords. Once in, passengers are strapped down by a 5 point safety harness. Ride attendants will then pull the bungee cords taut and unclip the capsule, which sends the strapped-down passengers spinning end-over-end about 60 m (or about 15 storeys) into the air. The capsule bounces up and down at least 7 times between two 35 m tall towers, at a speed of 200 km/h. It is airborne for about 90 seconds while the whole encounter lasts about 4½ minutes. Passengers must not have any medical or heart problems, and need to be at least 1.1 m tall. ( click source here)

Located at Clarke Quay, Singapore. A 5 minutes ride costs SG$45.

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