Monday, November 1, 2010


Nov. 1,2010. All Souls' Day was all rainy and dark skies the whole day and night. After visiting my mother at the cemetery ( in my hometown_Guinayangan Quezon) earlest in the morning, we spent the rest of the day on the road back to Manila.

On our first snack stop, I was left inside the car cos I was sleeping and woke up with a ghastly image right at my windowside. I nearly shouted_ ghost!!!

I shook my head and widen my eyes. Ooops, couldn't be, he had a reflection in the mirror. From the horror movies, ghost doesn't have mirror reflection, right?

An old man in Calauag Quezon, taking advantage of the side mirror to fix his beard. hahaha! I used to do it also_ using some else's car side mirror to apply lipstick or check my make up when I was younger. Unaware if there was someone inside the car watching/laughing.

After a while, the old man moved on and proceeded to his walk under the rainy Calauag sky.

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